applicable for Timo members

100.000 VND for the first 02 successful invitations. Every following successful invitation will be rewarded with 50.000 VND.

Rewards for inviters

Must invite a minimum of 2 people to get rewarded*

Free vouchers for invitees

When they successful pick up their Timo Debit cars by 30/6/2019 and make 02 qualified transactions by 7/7/2019



Which gift(s) would you like to get for yourself this June? Every gift shown below can be yours via transactions you need to make from your Timo app, Timo Debit Card or Timo Mastercard. 

Click on the gift you would like to get to know more.


30,000 VNĐ


100,000 VNĐ


160,000 VNĐ


100,000 VNĐ


150,000 VNĐ

Invite your friends through the Timo app!

Step 1: Sign in to your Timo account at or through the Timo Application (iOS or Android version);

Step 2: Click on the Menu icon on the top left corner of the screen or under the "Lifestyle" section of the App, select Invite friends.

Step 3:

Choose the "Send via email" button, enter the e-mail address of the person to be invited to open Timo account. 


Choose the "Send via others" button, select the social media platform

Step 4: Send out the link with your referral code for invitee to open a Timo account.

..or through our website:

What are you waiting for?

Start inviting your friends now!

1. How long will this promotion be?

- The promotion will occur from 1/6/2019 to the end of 30/6/2019.

2. Who can participate to receive the gifts?

- Applicable to all existing Timo customers. In addition, the invitees should not have any previous or existing accounts with VPBank and have not applied for FECredit products.

3. What qualifies as a successful invitation?

- When people are invited to register for Timo from links contain your referral code and collect their Timo Debit cards by 30/6/2019 and make 2 qualified transactions (bill pay, phone top up, POS swipe, online payment) by 7/7/2019.

- Must invite a minimum of 2 friends to get rewarded. 

- Every successful invite over and above 2 will receive 50,000 VND per invite. 

4. Conditions and rewards timeline?

- The reward payable will be transferred to your account Spend Account within 30 working days (not including Saturdays, Sundays and Public holidays) from the end of the promotion.

5. Will I be able to withdraw the prize money?

Yes. You can withdraw the money once it has been credited to your Spend account. You can also use your Debit card at POS machines across the nation or use the money for online services like money transfer, opening a Goal Save, to top up your mobile and more.

6. What is the reward value?

The reward value is unlimited. The more friends you invite, the more reward you get.

7. Where can I find Terms and conditions of this promotion?

Check out the terms and conditions of this promotion here. 





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