The Story of Timo - Digital banking enhances life

The Timo Story

Our Brand promise

At Timo, we focus on building a simple and convenient banking experience for our valued customers. With one Timo app, customers can leave their banking worries behind and enjoy life to the fullest.

Behind the scenes of Timo

Timo is the newest entrant to the Financial scene as a digital bank that aims to help customers on their journey to financial freedom. In partnership with Viet Capital Bank, Timo promises a private banking experience one would expect from other banks, but without the hassle of maintaining a huge balance.

Understanding the advantages of digital channels as well as the importance of smartphones in today’s world, the experience that Timo brings is “banking-on-the-go” that allows customers to manage, grow and access their funds anywhere, anytime.

Our Philosophy

Vision: Aim towards acquiring a digital banking licence in Vietnam to stand alone as an independent digital bank.

Mission: EMPOWERING & ENRICHING people’s lives by helping them understand and manage their finances; with simple, convenient and powerful tools for making and receiving payments, managing their savings and investments, borrowing when needed, and planning their financial future.

In order to achieve this mission and reach the vision, Timo aims to generate traction and profitability through blended experiential and financial products.

Fueled by Technology

Consumer behaviour and expectations are ever-evolving, forcing industries to redefine their priorities and adopt new technologies, combined with an increased speed of innovation. With digital technology becoming an indispensable part of life, the banking and financial sector must shed their traditional conservative approach and instead focus on disruptive use of technology to engage with customers and guarantee a competitive advantage over other players.

Understanding the story of a latecomer in Vietnam’s digital bank market, Timo focuses on building a technology platform to create a unique digital bank experience for Timo users that taps into their core desire – Convenience!

So, how will customers experience this innovative use of technology at Timo?

From transferring money to paying bills and shopping online, Timo facilitates essential payments and banking requests without requiring customers to visit a physical branch. They can also immediately open a bank account without going to the bank to register.

Timo focuses on making banking between Timo customers easy. They can send a payment request to fellow Timo members in-app to split a bill. And they can even share a payment receipt via select social apps. 

Customer data is our priority and we ensure that our customer’s funds & information are always protected with multi-layered security. With multi-factor login methods using username & password or Biometrics to token authentication methods, using the iOTP/OTP to verify any transaction made in Timo app and even a lock/unlock card function in the app, Timo has everyone covered!

Taking advantage of technology, Timo is poised to bridge the gap between customers and banking services in this digital age.

What makes Timo unique

  • No time wasted

    Experience the Timo app with a friendly interface that's easy to use.

  • No hidden fees

    Using Timo, customers can say goodbye to hidden fees and enjoy life with peace of mind.

  • No money sitting idle

    Timo helps customers visualize their financial goals with a choice of Fixed or Flexible Savings option.