As directed by the Prime Minister, the social distancing restriction has been relaxed. This means you can now visit a Timo Hangout for your banking needs. However, as your safety and that of our staff are of utmost importance, Timo will continue to apply safety and preventive measures as instructed by the Government. Therefore, from now until the end of May, Timo encourages customers to follow these instructions when visiting a Timo Hangout for their banking requirements:

For current customers:

Our Timo Hangouts are open and ready to serve all of you with any banking needs as usual. As we’re implementing preventive measures, you may be required to wait a short while before being served. Timo still recommends that customers use digital banking services via the Timo mobile or web app for non-essential services like Fund Transfers, Cash Deposits, Updating Information, etc. 

List of non-essential services & essential services for you to familiarize yourselves:

Services that can be done online or in App Services which requires a customer to visit a Hangout
– Fund transfer/ Move money
– Cash deposit (you can add money to your Timo account by transferring online)
– Find CDMs/ATMs locations 
– Pay utility bills 
– Top up your phone or others’ phones.
– Send Payment Requests to share money after a meal, shopping, sharing a service…
– Lock/Unlock your Debit card/Mastercard in the app or by Quick Actions feature.
– Lock/Unlock ecommerce payments in app.
– Reset PIN 
– Log-in to Timo with new devices when you lose the old one.
– Dispute a transaction or create an inquiry (Web app or call our Hotline 1800 6788)
– Request documents online (Web app), get your documents by email or have them delivered to your home address (Balance confirmation with stamp/ Account statement with stamp/ Remittance confirmation with stamp)
– Create/Withdraw your Savings online.
– Find the interest rate in the app.
– Apply for a Fast Cash online.
– Reissue your card/PIN.
– Dispute a charge in more detail.
– Complete registration for a Timo Mastercard by signing the form and submitting documents.
– Update your TRC, Phone Number or Email details.
– Withdraw cash from a Timo ATM.  

For new customers:

Joining Timo online will still be possible. However, from now until the end of May, instead of booking your schedule to visit a Timo Hangout online, our staff will contact you to book an appointment. 

We request any customer visiting a Hangout, to please wear a mask, sanitize your hands and let us check your temperature before entering. And while the social distancing directive may be relaxed, we should all be on guard and protect ourselves by following basic guidelines: 

  • Please stay at home and only go out if necessary or in case of an emergency. 
  • Please keep a distance of at least 1m with others when you have to go out or queue up. 
  • Please avoid gathering of more than 20 people in a public area. 
  • Be vigilant and refrain from responding to requests from banks or other regulatory bodies asking for your personal bank details, as fraudsters could access your bank accounts/cards with these credentials. Read more about how to protect yourself from fraudsters here 

With your cooperation and support, together we can overcome the Covid-19 pandemic and return to our daily lives. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us via our Hotline on 1800 6788, via our Facebook Inbox or via email at