Credit cards are no longer an unfamiliar product to our generation in today’s modern world. In addition to regular debit cards, credit cards contribute to the effective management and use of people’s personal finance. As everyone has a different lifestyle and spending habits, every credit cardholder’s experience and evaluation of their own credit cards might be different to others.

If you also own a credit card, read the article below to get some tips on how to carry out a self-evaluation of your credit card.

How do you know if you are satisfied with your current credit card?

To evaluate your credit card experience, the first thing you need to do is analyze how your credit card plays a role in your daily life. In addition to being a replacement for cash, does your credit card provide other functions that can actively support your daily life? Below are a few suggestions for you to apply and evaluate your credit card experience.

1 – Is your credit card your “unlimited” financial support tool?

As a replacement for cash, is your current credit card good enough to be considered an “unlimited” financial support tool?

The lack of limitation we refer to here should be evaluated based on the types of transactions and the territories applied. An ideal credit card should help you be more proactive in different payment ways, whether online, via the POS or at an ATM machine. An ideal credit card should give you the peace of mind that, no matter where you are in the world, not having cash is not that big of a deal.

In addition to the above factors, does your current credit card allow you to withdraw cash in urgent situations? Additional charges associated with cash withdrawal from a credit card might be unavoidable as the nature of credit cards is not for cash withdrawal. However, an ideal credit card should still support you in situations when cash withdrawal is required.

2 – Does your current credit card offer a flexible installment scheme?

As the credit limit is fixed every month until you apply for a credit limit increase, shopping with a credit card can sometimes stress you out when you have to think twice about buying something that you really need/want and using most of your monthly credit limit. Hence, an ideal credit card should help you solve this problem with a flexible installment scheme. The flexibility here should be evaluated based on a variety of factors, including: the list of products/service providers where the scheme can be applied, repayment term, application process, approval length of time. The installment scheme should not be considered flexible if there is a limit to where the scheme can be applied, or if it takes a long time for the application to be approved.

3 – Does your current credit card provide a convenient card management feature?

Your credit card can normally be managed via Internet Banking or the mobile app of the bank you are using. This management feature can be used as one of the factors to evaluate your credit card experience.

An ideal credit card should allow you to easily track the transactions you have made in order to help you manage your personal finance more efficiently. An ideal credit card should also make the repayment process simple and flexible for you.

4 – Is your current credit card protected with several security layers?

One of the factors that cannot be left out of the evaluation is the security of your credit card. As most credit cards can be used for online payments, the credit card you currently own should be equipped with different security layers to ensure that your card and bank account are not compromised.

One of the essential security layers is the verification step – OTP/iOTP. OTP/iOTP should always be required for every transaction or activity that is related to your card and bank account’s safety and your credit limit. Additionally, an ideal credit card should allow you to be proactive in locking your credit card immediately in urgent situations instead of having to wait for support from the bank.


With hope to be a valuable assistant on every lone of your journeys, the Timo Mastercard is designed with several smart features and outstanding benefits, such as:  

– Can be used worldwide and support cardholders with cash withdrawal of up to 40% of the credit limit

– Provide a flexible installment scheme that can be applied at every merchant in Vietnam. Any eligible transaction via your Timo Mastercard from 3.000.000 VND and above can be converted into an installment with flexible terms of 3, 6 or 12 months. The review process is carried out in 01 working day.

– The Timo app is user-friendly and shows all the transactions carried out from the Timo Mastercard in the most transparent and clear way. Cardholders can easily be proactive in their repayment as they can settle a part of their repayment for their monthly credit limit right in the app before receiving their monthly statement.

– Provide several layers of security – lock/unlock card in the app, enable/disable online payments for their Timo mastercard, OTP/iOTP is required for every transaction/activity.

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Hopefully the above article will help you to carry out an effective self-evaluation for your credit card. If you are a modern person looking for “like-minded companions”, don’t hesitate to learn more about Timo Mastercard!