In keeping with the “cashless living” trend, credit cards and debit cards have become useful tools to help you reduce your cash flow. Check out how your Timo Debit card can be a replacement for cash to help you pay for everything needed in your daily life in the article below.

1/ Pay for bills at restaurants, coffee shops, etc.

Upon using your Timo Debit card to pay for bills at establishments (restaurants, coffee shops, supermarkets, etc.), your PIN will be required to be entered at the POS. This not only helps secure your card and bank account, but also helps you to check and  ensure the amount of money entered at the POS matches the bill amount. This payment method is more convenient than having to take out cash from your wallet, giving it to the cashier, getting your change back and counting it. Transactions made via POS in Vietnam are completely free with Timo Debit cards. Additionally, you also have a chance to enjoy privileges and special offers at Timo’s partner outlets, such as Blank Bar Saigon, KOTO, California Fitness & Yoga Centres etc. Check out several privileges attached to your Timo Debit card here.

2/ Shop online from your home

Online shopping via well-known e-commerce sites such as Lazada, Tiki, Shopee, etc. has been flourishing in the past few years. This is one of the reasons why everyone needs to get themselves a multi-functional bank card to enjoy this convenient shopping experience right on their couch. Better yet, these sites usually have special offers and discounts for designed for customers who choose to pay for their shopping bills by cards.

A multi-functional bank card will help you enjoy a convenient shopping experience.

However, to pay online via international sites such as Airbnb,, Amazon, you would need a Timo Mastercard instead of a Timo Debit Card. To make it easier for you to apply for a Timo Mastercard, we have designed the process of applying for a Timo Mastercard to be as simple and straightforward as possible. Check out the process of applying for a Timo Mastercard here.

3/ Move money in a blink of the eyes

Transferring money usually stresses people out because of the associated fees and the amount of beneficiary information that is required to be entered, such as: bank name & branch, city, full name and account number of the beneficiary, etc.

However, with Timo, you will not have to worry about any of the above issues. All bank transfers to 40+ banks on the NAPAS network in Vietnam are entirely free. For money transfers to other Timo accounts, you would only need one piece of information from the beneficiary: account number or card number or registered email address. For money transfers to other banks’ accounts, you only need the bank name and account number of the beneficiary. The beneficiary’s name will be updated automatically in the App, once you have entered their account number. With this fast and convenient feature from Timo, a lot of our customers have shared that they are not sure whether they should be satisfied or sad as the money leaves their account and goes into the beneficiary’s account in just a blink of an eye.

4/ Pay via payment gateways

Alongside advancements in tech, several payment gateways such as OnePay, 123pay, Payoo, Vnpay, have been introduced to make facilitate payments conveniently and safely. Buying movie tickets, paying for food delivery and millions of other simple things can now be done and paid for in a few swipes and taps on the phone screen. With the support of these payment gateways and a multi-functional card like a Timo Debit Card, you can easily get everything you need for your evening at home or a quiet weekend.

However, there are still a few things you need to take into consideration while settling payments via payment gateways:

  1. Only settle payments via reputable sites with the “lock” icon before the hyperlink
  2. Avoid using other people’s personal devices to settle payments and only pay with your personal laptop or phone
  3. Do not leave a payment process unfinished to avoid having your personal information and account details stolen

Find out more about other card and account safety guidelines here.

As you can see, most of your daily payments can now be made via your bank card instead of cash. This is why you need to get yourself a multi-functional card to fully enjoy life and keep up with the “cashless living” trend. With Timo, you can easily get a Timo Debit Card within 20 minutes of online registration. Find out more here.