With Christmas and New Year’s Eve just around the corner, the beginning of December is when everyone starts preparing and shopping for the season. From home decorations to presents under the tree to food and even travel plans, everything needed to celebrate this wonderful season of the year is bought. This is also the time when many brands simultaneously offers several discounts to attract more customers.

With endless temptations like shopping deals and so much preparation to be done, what can one do to avoid going broke at the start of the month? To help you shop for everything you need and still manage to keep a steady account balance, here are 3 smart and convenient products from Timo that can help you this season.

Spend Account and Goal Save

Your Timo Spend Account is the main current account for your daily use, your Timo Debit card is issued to this account. When paying your shopping bills either by swiping your Debit Card or via bank transfer from the Timo Spend Account, you will not have to worry about any fee charged since our system allows free, real time bank transfers to 40+ banks on the NAPAS network in Vietnam.

In addition to the Spend Account, Timo also provides a powerful saving tool, Goal Save, to help you spend reasonably and achieve their financial goals. To buy everything needed for Christmas and New Year’s Eve preparation, or to save enough money to buy Christmas presents for your friends and family, you may have to start saving some money from the beginning of December in order to afford all that spending. With clearly-set goals and the help of Goal Save, you can easily afford everything you need and, at the same time, know how much money you have left to use until the end of the month.

Your Goal Save also allows you to choose between setting up auto-contributions or adding contributions manually whenever you want. Read more about Timo’s Goal Save here.

Fast Cash

During the year-end shopping period, sometimes the money you have just isn’t enough. To help customers with a little extra cash, Timo has an overdraft loan product called Fast Cash with high limits of up to 100.000.000 VNĐ. Instead of having to carry out complicated loan procedures and proving income or mortgage assets, Fast Cash limit is offered based on your average balance in your Spend account, is adjustable to suit your needs and can be approved within 30 minutes, right in the Timo app.

After registration and successful activation, your Fast Cash can be used when your Spend Account balance reaches zero. Fast Cash can be used by swiping at POS terminals, online or to transfer money. Fast Cash term is one year from the date it is activated, and to pay it back monthly, all you need to do is top up your Timo Spend Account.

How do you know if you are eligible for Fast Cash? Find out here.

Timo MasterCard Installment

In addition to the well-known benefits of a credit card, the Timo MasterCard credit card offers more features such as: high credit and withdrawal limit, flexible payment methods for outstanding loans, ability to increase credit limit, etc.

Also, to allow Timo MasterCard holders to afford their year-end shopping, Timo allows customers to convert any eligible transaction made in Vietnam from 3.000.000 VND upward into installments with flexible repayment periods of 3, 6 or 12 months at only 1% interest. Eligible transactions that can be converted into installment plans would be labeled “Create Installment” under the relevant transaction in the MasterCard transaction list within the Timo app. Find out more about criteria for application here.

Timo’s MasterCard installment scheme is not tied to any specific merchant, so you can freely shop for whatever your heart desires at any merchant of your choosing in Vietnam. However, the eligible transactions must be paid in VNĐ.

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Both Timo Debit cards and Timo MasterCard credit cards are accompanied by several smart features that you can help you with your upcoming Christmas shopping bills. We hope that this article will help you to choose a suitable feature in order to complete your Christmas preparation without going broke.