Travel with peace of mind with the new Timo MasterCard!

Vietnam's first 0% Foreign Exchange fee credit card is available for Timo members only!

While other banks charge up to 4% on Foreign Exchange fees, at Timo we charge 0%. This means you can enjoy shopping and traveling overseas without worrying about having to pay more than the listed price!

See how Timo MasterCard works

Credit Cards allow you to live your life without having to worry about carrying cash.

Use your credit card in Vietnam and internationally
MasterCard is accepted in any country so don't worry about having to carry local currency
All purchases are interest free for 45 days
Travel worry free with 0% Foreign Exchange fees

MasterCard is one of the most widely accepted credit cards in the world.

MasterCard offers amazing convenience when traveling because it allows you to pay for things in other countries without having to worry about carrying local currency. Timo MasterCard is also protected with the EMV chip, making it practically impossible for someone else to use your card without your authorization!

“Timo MasterCard is great for traveling. I used to pay 3% on each transaction when I travelled. This is a huge savings when you travel to places like Singapore where everything is so expensive!”

Bảo Nguyên - Sales Manager

Timo MasterCard is the only credit card you need for traveling

0% Foreign Exchange fee

Enjoy freedom from cash with 0% FX fee when you travel outside of Vietnam.

Buy now and pay later

Enjoy 45 days of interest free purchases - even for those made overseas!

Free annual fee

Make at least 3 transactions of minimum 300,000 VND each in the first 15 days and get your first year free!


Timo MasterCard is just like a regular credit card
But with 0% Foreign exchange fee.

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Digital banking with full security and protection.

Timo places your security above everything else. We offer multi-layered security and in app management of your account settings.

Timo privileges for Debit and Credit Card spending Timo is the only bank that offers you discounts on debit card spending.

Timo is the only bank that offers you discounts on debit card spending. You can also enjoy unique discounts when you travel by using your Timo MasterCard at participating merchants around the world.