VI. Termination

  1. You may terminate the Contract with Timo and request to close all your accounts by calling Timo Care or visiting Timo Hangout (details of which are to be found on Timo’s website). Upon withdrawing all your funds and closing your account, you hereby agree to provide Timo with the local bank account details where remaining interest should be deposited.
  2. Timo may suspend/terminate your access to Timo Products and Services or any part of Timo Products and Services in, but not limited to, the below reasons:
  3. You violate any terms in the Contract; or these Terms and Conditions; and/or any National Laws and Regulations;
  4. Any restriction or prohibition on the use of Timo Products and Services by any laws or regulations of any country from where you access Timo Products and Services;
  5. Suspicion of fraudulent use of Timo Products and Services;
  6. Evidences of money laundering activities; or
  7. Other events not under control of Timo, for example, Force Majeure.
  8. In the event of service termination, any transaction instructed before the termination may remain valid and bound to these Terms and Conditions.