I. General

  1. These Terms and Conditions are deemed valid when you register for Timo Services and expire upon the termination of Timo Services.
  2. Timo has discretion to accept or reject your registration in compliance with these Terms and Conditions and National Laws and Regulations.
  3. By completing the registration process, you will be able to perform account, payment and savings transactions using the following account types: Timo Spend, Timo Goal Save and Timo Term Deposit. A Timo Debit card will be issued immediately and will be valid for the duration of the Contract.
  4. When accessing Timo at a later date, you will be eligble to apply for other additional accounts/services which Timo offers from time to time by providing your digital authorisation Security Codes. You hereby agree that every application to additional products/services sent to Timo with your Security Codes shall mean you agree to the product/service’s Terms and Conditions, has the same legal value as the application with your wet signature and shall form a binding contract between you and Timo, given that Timo accepts such application.
  5. You may receive an OTP when performing certain Timo transactions, either via a Push Notification sent directly to your mobile App, or Short Message Service (SMS) to your mobile phone number, or email to your email address registered with Timo. Delivery time of the OTP is dependent on the service level of your subscribed Internet Service or Mobile Network Provider. If you request for an OTP more than once, the previously requested OTP will be rendered invalid and the latest request will be the valid OTP for use on Timo.
  6. Your use and access to Timo Services shall not be transferred, pledged or otherwise used by any other person.