Article 9. Reissuance, renewal, rejection and recovery of the Card

1.     Reissuance and renewal of the Card:

a)     The Cardholder may request VPBank to reissue the Card in the event of lost/stolen Card, Card expiry, change of Card type or request on new Card issuance in replacement of old or damaged card … and/or renewal of the Card when the Card expires.

b)     When VPBank’s conditions are required by VPBank, VPBank will consider to reissue or renew the Card to the Cardholder. Fees of Card renewal and reissuance shall be borne by the Cardholder.

2.     Recovery of the Card: The Card shall be recovered in the following cases:

a)         Forged card.

b)         Unauthorized card.

c)         For purpose of investigation, handling criminals as stipulated by the laws.

d)         The Card is named in Black Card, expired card list.

e)         Others to be recovered as prescribed by VPBank from time to time.

3.    Card reissuance fees shall be borne by the Cardholder. The Cardholder’s Card Account shall be debited with related fees as prescribed by VPBank.

4.    Rejection of the Card: The Card shall be rejected when:

a)         The Card is named in Black card list.

b)         The Card expires.

c)         The Card is locked.

d)         The card is damaged, scratched, or warped;

e)         The card is forged or related to the forged transactions.

f)          The balance of the primary cardholder is insufficient for payment.

g)         The Card is notified to be lost by the Cardholder.

h)     The Card is used to perform prohibited transactions or actions as prescribed by the laws and VPBank.

i)      The Cardholder violates regulations of these General Terms and conditions and VPBank regulations on Card use.

j)      The Card is related to transactions covered by embargo or sanction.

k)     The Cardholder fails to fully pay fees or financial obligations under the Fee Schedule and/or regulations published on VPBank official website and/or at transaction outlets from time to time.

l)      The Cardholder violates the regulations on card payment of Acquirer and SBV.

m)    The Card is not registered or not licensed for relevant services.

n)     The Card is used to pay for transactions involving individuals or organizations in the black list, warning list, list of anti-money laundering and anti- terrorism financing issued and/or recommended by the competent authorities and/or the Card is used to pay for transactions subject to sanctions or embargoes.

o)     Others as prescribed by VPBank and the laws.

5.     The Cardholder agrees that, according to the VPBank’s policy from time to time (card security policy, card development policy, etc.); VPBank may consider requesting the Cardholder to change Card series (type) which the Cardholder is using to a new series (type). Prior to implementing the new card line (type), the Cardholder shall be notified about such change by one of the contact methods as defined herein. If the Cardholder fails to perform, improperly or incompletely performs at the request of VPBank, the Cardholder will be considered to breach its obligations hereof. Then, VPBank shall be entitled to consider and apply the appropriate settlement measures specified herein.