Article 9. Exchanging, providing information and Provisions of amendment, supplementation

1.         Customer agrees to register to receive information, product, service, program, promotion, etc from VPBank and/or partners of VPBank. Timo shall notice Customer about amendments, supplementations, adjustments of other product, service policy of VPBank including amendments, supplementations, adjustments of VPBank for Service and programs, promotions, etc of VPBank and/or partners of VPBank by one of contact forms deployed by Timo in each period with unlimited quantity and time including but not limited to the form of sending written notice to Customer’s address, phone call, sending SMS to Customer’s phone number, sending email to Customer, notice on the official website of Timo.

2.         Parties agree that the address, phone number and email of Customer stated in Clause 1 above is the address, phone number and email registered in Application Form by Customer. Customer shall be deemed to receive notice of Timo when Timo has noticed via the above forms to the address, phone number and email of Customer or noticed/listed at  Timo’s transaction points or on the website of Timo. In case Customer changes the address, phone number and email, Customer must notice Timo in writing; if Customer fails to notice, Timo shall have right to notify to the old address, phone number and email and default that Customer has received the notice when Timo inform to such address, phone number and email and the content of the notice has value of binding Customer.

3.         Unless otherwise regulated in the General Transaction Terms and Conditions, Customer shall be deemed to accept the whole content of amendment according to the notice of Timo if Customer keeps on using Service at VPBank after 01 day from the date of Timo’s notice. If Customer disagrees with the amended, adjusted content of VPBank, Customer shall be entitled to terminate to use Service before due date and not to pay charge of terminating use of Service before due date to VPBank.

4.         VPBank is allowed to use the information about Customer, credits, account, transaction of Customer including the information from documents provided by Customer; contracts, documents signed between Customer and VPBank to provide to the agencies which have function of credit information provision and/or credit rating, operating legally in Vietnam, or provide competent authorities requiring information provision under regulations of laws or provide relevant partners during co-operating with VPBank to develop, provide products, services of VPBank.

5.         All notices, requests of Customer must be submitted to VPBank in one of the following forms: In writing, via Timo Care Call Center or the nearest Timo’s transaction points Depending on each transaction required by Customer, after receiving notice of Customer in the above forms, VPBank may request Customer to complete relevant procedures to ensure to comply with regulations of laws.