Article 6. Termination of using Card

1.    VPBank is entitled to suspend or close, cancel validity and revoke Card of Card holder in the following cases:

a.  Card has expired: Prior to expiry date of Card 01 month, Timo shall send a notice to Card holder about issuance of new Card. If within 15 (fifteen) days from the date of notice, VPBank fails to receive any reply from Card holder, VPBank shall consider that Card holder would not request to keep on using Card.

b.  Card holder violates the regulations of the General Transaction Terms and Conditions and/or VPBank/laws related to issuance and use of VPBank’s card. In this case, VPBank shall be exempt from any harm of honor, reputation of Card holder at the request of revoking card.

c.    Cases regarding counterfeiting and risk management.

d.  Terminate use of Card in case there is no card transaction arising during the continuous period of 12 months or more and handle balance in spend account connected to debit card of Card holder under regulations of the General Transaction Terms and Conditions and laws.

e.   Customer does not maintain enough the minimum balance in card account under regulations of VPBank announced publicly on the official website and/or at Timo’s transaction points in each period.

f.    At the request of state competent authority.

g.  Other cases under the General Transaction Terms and Conditions and regulations of VPBank in accordance with laws and publicly announced on the official website and/or at Timo’s transaction points in each period

2.    Termination at the request of Card holder

Customer shall have right to request to terminate use of Card when meeting fully regulations of the General Transaction Terms and Conditions and performing all financial obligations to VPBank prescribed by law. Method of request for termination of using Card is according to regulations of VPBank at the time that Customer desires to terminate use of Card.

3.    Termination of using card at the request of Card holder shall be valid and accepted by VPBank only when Card holder fully performs obligations and responsibilities to VPBank as follows:

a.   Termination of using Card, Card Account/Spend Account shall take into effect only when VPBank accepts and lock the Card in the system. Accordingly, when terminating use of Card, Card holder is obligated to pay VPBank all costs arising (if any) and financial obligations related to opening and use of Card.

b. Card holder must return blank card to VPBank and terminate use of card to pay transaction of sale and purchase of goods/service via internet, telephone and mail. Not including such termination, before card is returned to VPBank, any transaction performed with card or PIN (whether by Card holder or not) is still considered that Card holder performs such card transaction, Card holder must pay for all such arising transaction to VPBank.

c. In case Card holder fails to return blank card, Card holder must pay VPBank charge of card loss (if any) under regulations announced publicly by Bank.

d.   Not depending on Card holder’s request about termination using Card, within 30 days from the date that Card holder requests to terminate use of card and/or the date that VPBank locks card, if card account of Card holder arises any transaction, Card holder must still pay for such transaction to VPBank. Such transactions are the transactions performed by Customer before requesting VPBank to terminate use of Card but payment obligations arise after the time of terminating use of Card.