Article 6. Inquiry And Notification In Case of Changes of Term Deposit

1- The Term deposits can be searched by the Customer by the following measures:

  • The information search can be done by the Customer via Timo Application; Timo care call center (1800 6788) or other search channels implemented by VPBank and/or Timo Channel from time to time.
  • Upon request to look up information of the Term Deposit according to the methods mentioned above, the Customer may be requested by Timo Channel to provide information related to the Customer and/or Deposit, sign related papers and documents for the purpose of verifying the Customer, deposit information before conducting the search and provision of information to the Customer. It shall be agreed by the Customer to provide information, documents, sign documents and perform related procedures according to regulations of VPBank at the time of requesting for lookup.

2- Notification method when there is any change of the Deposit: Debit and credit transactions arising from the deposit placement and payment transactions shall be notified by Timo Channel to the Customer via email or other notification methods implemented by VPBank and/or Timo Channel from time to time