Article 5. Collecting and keeping, exchanging, extending, re-issuing Card and refusing to accept Card

1.    Card might be collected and kept by VPBank in the following cases:

a.    Fake card

b.    Card illegally used

c.    Serving for inspection, processing crime under provisions of laws.

d.    Other cases that it is allowed to collect and keep card under regulations of VPBank.

2.    Card holder shall have right to request VPBank to exchange, re-issue Card and must pay charge of exchanging, re-issuing Card under regulations of VPBank.

3.    When Card expiries, if Card holder wishes to extend and meet the condition according to VPBank’s request, VPBank might extend duration of using Card.

4.    All costs related to exchange, extension, re-issuance of Card are paid by Card holder. VPBank is entitled to debit card account of Card holder for relevant charges under regulations of VPBank.

5.    Refuse to accept Card: Card shall be refused to pay when:

a.    Card is listed in Card Blacklist.

b.    Card has expired.

c.    Fake card or card related to counterfeiting transaction.

d.    Deposit balance of spend account of main Card holder is not enough to make payment.

e.    Card is notified to have been lost and VPBank has confirmed to have received such notification.

f.     Card holder violates regulations of the General Transaction Terms and Conditions and other stipulations of VPBank about use of Card.

g.   Card holder fails to fully pay charges or other financial obligation according to schedule of charge and/or public regulation on Timo Application, on the official website and/or at Timo’s transaction points.

h.  Card holder violates regulations about card payment of card payment organization and State Bank of Vietnam.