Article 4. Payment of Principal, Interest on Term Deposit and Extension of Deposit Duration

  1. The Customers shall be allowed to request VPBank to pay ahead of time with respect to the entire Deposit, but not a part of the Deposit, in this case, the interest rate applicable to the Deposit shall be the lowest interest rate for non-term deposit of VPBank in the currency deposited by the Customer at the time the Customer is paid before maturity for the actual entire deposit duration of each Deposit from the Deposit date to the date VPBank pays the deposit ahead of time.
  2. On the Due date (including the case when the Due date coincides with the weekend or holidays according to VPBank’s regulations), VPBank shall automatically pay the Timo Deposit, transfer the entire principal and interest of the Timo Deposit to the Timo Spend Account. The Customer shall not be allowed to extend the deposit duration of the Deposit on the Due Date.