Article 3. Rights and obligations of VPBank

1.     Rights of VPBank

a.  Terminate Card holder’s use of Card by canceling or revoking Card if Card holder violates the terms and conditions about use of Card in the General Transaction Terms and Conditions, use Card counterfeited and/or suspected to be counterfeited.

b.   Be exempt when Card is misused to withdraw cash, pay goods, services and perform other transaction in case Card is lost/stolen/fraud and/or counterfeited, except for VPBank’s fault.

c.    Not be responsible for delivery of goods, quality of goods, services paid by Card. Have right to debit Card account for value of goods, services whether such goods, services are delivered or performed or not.

d.   Be exempt in case Customer’s claim, request of inspection is not paid by Bank or settled by Card Support Organization under regulations of such organizations, except for VPBank’s fault.

e.    Change limits of using Card in accordance with VPBank’s policy in each period.

f.     Other rights under the General Transaction Terms and Conditions and laws.

2.     Obligations of VPBank

a.       Respect rights and benefits of Customer under the General Transaction Terms and Conditions

b.      Fully and promptly perform payment order after checking, controlling legality, validity of such payment order.

c.    Protect Customer’s Card information, not allowed to collect, use, transfer Customer’s information to the third party without Customer’s approval unless required by state competent authority and/or specifically regulated in the General Transaction Terms and Conditions.

d.      Compensate all actual damages arising due to VPBank violates regulations about providing debit card services under the agreement and provision of laws.

e.       Other obligations prescribed by laws.