Article 2. Rights and obligations of Card holder

1.    Rights of Card holder

a.  Use Card to withdraw cash and purchase goods and services in the scope of card account balance/spend account/overdraft limit (if any) in spend account at VPBank and the scope of using Card as regulated in Clause 3 of this Article.

b.  Use Card in limits including payment limit, transfer limit, cash withdrawal limit, other limits during using Card under regulation of VPBank noticed publicly on the official website and/or at Timo’s transaction points in each period.

c.   Request VPBank to re-issue PIN, card, suspend or terminate to use card, change daily payment limit under regulations of VPBank.

d.   Receive preferentials for Card holder of VPBank and/or provided by partners of VPBank in each period.

e.   Claim, request VPBank to investigate card transactions of Card holder. The cases of investigation, method, time of submiting investigation request, duration of replying investigation under regulations of laws and VPBank shall be notified publicly on the official website and/or at Timo’s transaction places serving customer in each period.

f.     Be provided with information about card transaction history and balance of card account, limits related to use of card and other necessary information under regulations of VPBank.

g.    Receive deposit balance in spend account connected with Card under regulations of laws.

h.    Request VPBank to close/unlock/lock temporarily using Card in accordance with regulations of VPBank.

i.      Take part in preferential program for Customer opening Timo Debit Card under regulations of VPBank in each period.

j.      Other rights under regulations of laws.

2.    Obligations of Card holder

a.   Directly come to Timo’s transaction points to receive Card/PIN or request VPBank to send Card/PIN via post (not applying for the first issuance of card). In case of registering to receive Card/PIN via post, Card holder agrees and confirms that VPBank shall be considered to complete delivery of Card, PIN when Card, PIN is delivered to the address that Card holder registered at VPBank. Card holder undertakes to bear all risks arising from registration of receiving Card, PIN via this method, unless VPBank’s fault causes such risks.

b.   Take responsibility about Card management and security for the information related to their Card, especially PIN. Not allowed to  assign Card to the other people.

c.  Take responsibility to pay for all transactions arising in card account of Card holder (including transactions with or without signature, PIN or transactions with the signature different from Customer’s signature at the overleaf of Card) if VPBank provides with evidence that Card of Card holder is used to perform transaction in accordance with regulations about Scope of using Card at Clause 3 of this Article.

d.  Not allowed to use Card for any transaction or any illegal purpose. Take responsibility against Bank and laws for fraud, counterfeiting Customer’s Card and Card/Account transaction regarding fraud, counterfeiting.

e.    Customer is the main card holder who is obligated to open Spend account at Bank.

f.   Refund immediately and unconditionally to VPBank for the amounts that Card holder withdraws redundantly, withdraw/pays exceeding balance of spend account, wrong Credit transaction into Account of Card holder and other wrong transactions that Card holder cannot prove legal ownership. Agree with VPBank on automatically debiting these amounts. 

g.  When Card is lost, stolen or PIN is disclosed, Card holder must notice promptly Timo Care Call Center or the nearest Timo’s transaction points and then immediately officially confirm such notice in writing for Timo. In case Card is misused due to loss, stealing, disclosure of PIN, other counterfeiting/fraud before VPBank submits a written notice or legal data message that VPBank handled loss card notice from Card holder; Card holder shall bear and compensate damages for all transactions of Card caused by misuse of Card, except for VPBank’s fault. VPBank shall lock card immediately when receiving the notice of Card holder and handle the notice received from Card holder not later 5 working days for BIN Card issued by SBV or 10 working days for BIN Card issued by Card International Organization from the date of receiving Card holder’s notice under regulations of this Point.

h.   Sign a specimen signature by ballpoint pen in the overleaf of Card immediately receiving Card. When performing transaction at Card merchant acquiring. Card holder’s signature on invoice/payment document must be similar with the specimen signature unless such transactions do not request signature of Card holder.

i.        Not allowed to use card noticed to be lost, stolen and return lost, stolen Card if found at Timo’s transaction points

j.        Fully and promptly pay to VPBank all costs arising from use of Card.

k.      Comply with terms and conditions at the General Transaction Terms and Conditions and regulations of VPBank, Card organization/Association and law on issuance and use of Card.

l.        Activate Timo Debit Card via Timo Application or via other methods deployed by VPBank in each period or before using Card.

m.    Other obligations under provisions of laws.

3.    Scope of using Card and payment obligation of Card holder:

a.   Card holder is entitled to use Card to withdraw cash at CDM/ATM/POS of VPBank/Card payment organization and CDM/ATM/POS in NAPAS league; pay for goods, services at Card merchant acquiring, via internet, email, telephone, etc and use other services due to VPBank and other Banks directly or indirectly connecting to VPBank via one or some intermediate organizations.

Card holder agrees that when entering into payment transaction by Card, depending on each card transaction and request/regulation of VPBank and/or Card merchant acquiring in accordance with laws and Card Support Organization, such card transaction might be verified by the methods including: 

       Card and Card holder must be presented at Card merchant acquiring; and/or

       Signature of Card holder on invoice of card transaction; or

       Enter PIN when performing transaction; or

       Card information (Card name/Card number/CVV code/CVC, etc) provided via email, telephone, internet, etc; or

       Any other verification method registered at VPBank by Card holder; or

       Any other verification method regulated by VPBank, Card Support Organization and Card merchant acquiring.

b.   Card holder fully understands and conceives that when Card holder performs card payment transaction, but Card and/or card holder are not present at Card merchant acquiring (i.e: payment transaction on internet, etc) and Card holder does not protect card information, the card of Card holder might be misused for such payment transactions without Card and/or Card holder’s presence at Card merchant acquiring. By signing in Application Form, Card holder confirms and completely accepts all risks.

c.  Card holder commits taking responsibility to pay to VPBank for all transactions arising and verified by any method stated at point (a) above. Card holder agrees that Account Statement shall be the evidence to confirm transactions, charges, interest (if any) and all debit, credit amounts in the Statement is true and valid and Card holder shall pay all transactions, charges, interest shown in the Statement within the deadline prescribed in the Statement, unless wrongly accounted by VPBank.