Article 17. Exchange, provision of information and amended, supplemented terms

1.   The Client agrees to receive information, products, services, programs, incentives from VPBank and/or its partner. The Client shall be informed about any issues related to the Services as well as other VPBank’s products and services, including any amendments, supplements and adjustments to VPBank’s policy to the service, program, incentives, etc. of VPBank and/or VPBank’s partner by one of contact methods applied by the Timo channel from time to time with unlimited quantity and time, covering the method of sending a written notice to the Client address, calling, sending SMS to the Client’s phone, sending email, listing at the service outlet of Timo channel or notice on the Timo website and other methods as defined by the laws. For the contents that the Cardholder is informed in writing as prescribed by the Contract, relevant documents or regulations of the laws, the Parties agree that the text may be made by the Timo channel and sent by printout or by SMS, email, etc., to the Cardholder in accordance with this Clause.

2.   Parties agree that the Client’s address, phone number and email as mentioned at Clause 1 above are the address, phone number and email registered by the Client in the Application. The Client is deemed to receive the notice from Timo channel when Timo channel gives a notice by the methods above to the Client’s address, phone number and email or posted at Timo channel outlets or on Timo website, VPBank is not responsible for confirming if Cardholder received such notice.

In case of any changes on address, phone number and email, the Client shall notify to Timo channel in writing or by changing personal information on Timo application; unless Timo is entitled to notify to the old address, phone number and email and the Client is deemed to receive the notice when Timo notifies to this address, phone number and email and contents of these notices are bound to the Client.

3.   Where the Client wishes to receive the Contract for the issuance and use of the credit card, Customer can request through Timo Care to be provided or receive the Contract in other ways as Timo channel deploys each period.

4.   Any notices, requests from the Client shall be sent to VPBank by one of the following methods: via Application, nearest transaction point of Timo channel or via Timo Care as stipulated by VPBank from time to time. Depending on transaction requested by the Client, upon receiving the Client’s notice via the methods above, VPBank may request the Client to complete relevant procedures in accordance with the laws.