Article 12. Safety and confidentiality during the Card use

1.     In order to ensure the safety and confidentiality during the Card use, the Cardholder shall:

a)     Keep the Card confidential, secure PIN, other Cardholder identification codes, card information, transaction information, and not to disclose the card information, etc.

b)     Not allow other people to use the Card, transfer the Card to others, make pledge/mortgage of the Card to any institutions or individuals.

c)     Comply with the confidentiality instructions and procedures provided by VPBank and/or related institutions (Card Payment Institution, Card Switching Institution, the Merchants, etc.) when the card transactions are initiated by the Cardholder. Depending on each transaction or service performed by the Cardholder, the Cardholder may be requested to use one or a number of security elements, corresponding to his/her authentication method, including but not limited to information on card number, password, user name, OTP, security question, security code, phone number, and email that the Client has registered with VPBank. The Cardholder assumes liability for keeping the aforesaid security elements confidential and takes reasonable measures to prevent the unauthorized use of such security elements. The Cardholder is liable for damages caused by disclosed, stolen, abused security elements, etc., in accordance with Clause 3 of this Article.

d)     The Car holder is responsible for maintaining the electronic equipment used to connect to the VPBank system and perform Card transactions (computer, telephone, etc.). The Cardholder is required to log out the system, transaction screen when leaving the equipment that the Cardholder has made a transaction.

e)     Timely notify and coordinate with VPBank to handle the Card security and confidentiality-related matters during the Card is used. Protect the safety of the Cardholder’s assets and transactions, the Cardholder requests VPBank to take appropriate measures such as locking or temporarily locking the Card, refusing card transactions when the Cardholder’s security elements are checked and responded to be incorrect by the system upon some certain access times.

f)     Comply with other obligations and responsibilities as prescribed by the law on keeping safe and confidential during the use of Card.

2.     To maintain the Card safety and confidentiality, VPBank shall:

a)     Take measures to ensure safety and prevent risks for Card transactions according to the principles and provisions of the laws.

b)     Keep confidential information related to Card activities; ensure the infrastructure and techniques for managing the Card issuance and payment safely and smoothly.

c)     Set up and maintain 24/7 call center to promptly receive and handle information from the Cardholder.

d)     Comply with other obligations and responsibilities as prescribed by the laws on keeping safe and confidential during the Card issuance and payment.

3.     Where the card is stolen, lost or the PIN is disclosed, the Cardholder shall promptly notify to Timo Care or directly notify at the VPBank transaction offices and confirm by written notice to Timo right after. Where the Card is taken advantage due to a theft, displacement, PIN disclosure, and other frauds/forgeries before a legally valid written notice or message on VPBank’s handling the card loss notice is released by VPBank, the Cardholder shall bear all losses for all card transactions caused by the concerned Card. The Card is locked in the system right after VPBank receives the notice from the Cardholder and completes the handling within 05 business days for the Card with BIN issued by SBV or 10 business days for the Card with BIN issued by the International Card Institution since the notice is received from the Cardholder as prescribed in this Clause.