Article 11. Providing information, refunding unused money on Card

1.   The Cardholder is entitled to request information provision on Card Account balance, card transaction history and other necessary information related to the Card use. For such purpose, the Cardholder may request on the Timo Application, go to Timo channel transaction outlets or call Timo Care. The Cardholder is obliged to comply with the regulations, requirements and pay fees (if any), etc., in accordance with VPBank’s regulations when information request is submitted. Upon receipt of the valid request from the Cardholder, Timo will provide information to the Cardholder in accordance with the provisions of law. The information will be provided in the manner agreed by VPBank and the Cardholder when the request is submitted by the Cardholder as prescribed by the laws. The Cardholder agrees that VPBank can provide a variety of ways of providing information to the Cardholder (in writing, via phone, via email, SMS…), phone, email and SMS messages can have potential risks in the event of disclosed personal information, account or Card of the Cardholder. The Cardholder hereby confirms and is fully aware of these risks and undertakes to bear all risks (if any).

2.   In all cases, the Cardholder’s money will be managed in the Card Account so that VPBank may collect debts and other financial obligations from the Cardholder. The unused money on the Cardholder’s Card after being deducted to fulfill the Cardholder’s financial obligations at VPBank (if any) will be refunded to the Cardholder upon closing the Card as prescribed by VPBank.