Article 10. Governing Laws

1.    The General Transaction Terms and Conditions are governed by applicable laws of Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

2.    If any terms or conditions or any part or any clauses of the General Transaction Terms and Conditions is declared invalid or unable to be forced execution by state competent authority, such terms or conditions shall not make other terms and condition, parts or clauses of the General Transaction Terms and Conditions invalid.

3.    The content not regulated in the General Transaction Terms and Conditions shall be performed according to regulations of VPBank’s product, service notified publicly and relevant provision of laws.

4.    The disputes arising from or related to the Contract shall be negotiated to settle on the basic of cooperation, equality and mutual respect. In case Parties fails to negotiate or do not want to negotiate, one of Parties shall have right to submit to competent People’s Court to settle under regulations of laws. Parties agree that the address of Parties stated in Application Form is the address for the Court to determine the authorization to settle dispute under regulations of laws. In case Customer changes the address without noticing to Timo in writing, this means that Customer deliberately hide the address, avoid obligation and VPBank shall be entitled to request the Court to process and settle the case according to common procedures.