Plan for your future with Timo Term Deposits.

Get the advantage of higher interest without fear of penalties.

Thy loves the great interst rates she gets with her Timo Term Deposits. She can put more of her money into her Timo TD's because she has the flexibilty to withdraw early with no penalty.

Create, manage, and redeem on the go

Set up and manage your Term Deposits without ever going to the bank. Timo Intelligence will help to structure your investment so you can earn as much interest as possible, even if you withdraw early!


Earn High Interest and never worry about early withdrawal.

Timo’s Term Deposits allow you to put your money aside for a specific period of time where you can receive guaranteed high interest rate for the term. Unlike other banks, Timo TD’s are more flexible and we help you to break them up so that you can withdraw some of it and still get the full interest on the remaining amount.

“I moved my TD's over to Timo because I don't have to create many TD's to fit my plans. Timo does all the calculations for me!”

Minh Trang - Digital Marketing Specialist

Timo TD is yourfinancial consultant

Competitive rates

Timo TD's are competitive and adjust regularly, so check it often!

TD calculator

Put away the paper and put money into your Spend Account. Go to TD's and toggle through the different lengths and deposit value until you're happy with your return.

Timo intelligence

Split your TD's into smaller TD's so you can withdraw some early but still earn interest on the rest.


Timo Term Deposit's are just like regular TD's.
But way better.


Timo MasterCard:
Now travel with peace of mind!

0% Foreign Exchange fee means you can travel for free for 45 days! All transactions billed overseas are FX fee free so save up to
3% on each transaction plus 45 days interest free!* *3% fee is based on market average for credit cards in Vietnam.

Timo wants to help you achieve your goals

Create a goal, automate payments, and achieve you goals without having to worry about them. On top of that, receive 1% interest on all goals paid monthly! Perfect for stashing away just sitting around!