In the 23rd version of the Timo app, Quick Actions is the most outstanding feature that Timo delivered to our users with hope to make your life become much easier. In addition to its eye-catching and user-friendly interface, Quick Actions also makes it significantly fast and convenient for users to carry out particular transactions in a few swipes and taps without having to log in to the app. The following article will help you to have a better understanding of how to use this new feature.

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As the name suggests, Quick Actions is the feature that allows users to quickly perform several actions and transactions, including: checking your account balance, moving money, sending a payment request, paying bills, topping up your phone, locking/unlocking your Timo Debit card and/or your Timo Mastercard. All the above actions and transactions can be carried out quickly on the Quick Actions tray instead of having to go through the usual logging steps.

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Check your account balance in 30 seconds

The first thing that you will be able to do with the Quick Actions tray is quickly check your account balance on the main screen of Quick Actions. Instead of having to enter your username and password to log in to the app, your account balance will be displayed right on the main screen of Quick Actions after a verification step of Touch ID/Face ID.

If your internet connection has a stable speech, you would be able to see your account balance within 30 seconds in the Quick Actions tray.

Quickly move money or send a Payment Request

The Quick Actions tray will provided a payee list of the top 20 payees whom you have moved money to the most. You can still see your full Payee list by tapping on “View all payess” at the end of the list of your top 20 payees.

Upon tapping on any payee, you can quickly move money to them or send them a Payment Request (with a condition that this payee also has a Timo account saved in your Payee list as the Payment Feature is not yet available to non-Timo users). After tapping on the payee’s avatar, a large numeric keypad will appear on the screen to help you quickly enter the equivalent money amount and description (if needed). After the transaction has been successfully carried out, you will be able to see a notification on the top of the screen letting you know that your transaction is successful.

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Quickly pay bills or top up your phone

Understanding that bill pay and phone top up are tasks that go hand in hand with your daily needs, we ensure that the Quick Actions tray allows you to carry out these transactions quickly and conveniently. In addition to common service bills like electricity, water, internet, etc., the Quick Actions tray also allows user to pay the annual fee associated with their Timo Mastercard. Additionally, the Quick Actions tray also allows users to pay for bills that have not been saved in the Bill List.

The other convenient function on the Quick Actions tray is Top Up. In urgent situations, you can simply tap on “Top Up” and enter the amount of money you want to top up. You can also proactively top for another phone number by tapping on “New Number” or importing a number from your phone contacts.

Lock/unlock your Timo Debit card and/or your Timo Mastercard

Although the Timo app already has a separate Manage Cards section that allows you to lock/unlock your card(s), the Quick Actions tray still offers this function to enhance your card protection. The presence of this feature will help cardholders to promptly prevent their cards from being abused by the wrong people.

In the Quick Actions tray, each card will be represented with the NAPAS logo (for Timo Debit card) or the Mastercard logo (for Timo Mastercard) respectively. There will also be a status bar presenting right next to each logo to help you keep track of the status of your card. When the status bar is green with the word “unlocked” shown on the screen, this means that your card can be used normally. When the status bar is white with the word “locked” shown on the screen, this means that your card is locked. Be aware that you will not have to enter OTP/iOTP upon locking your card as locking your card means that your card would be protected in the most optimal way. However, upon locking your card, you will have to enter OTP/iOTP for verification purposes.

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To use the Quick Actions tray, you need to own a mobile device that enables biometric capabilities (Touch ID/Face ID on iOS and fingerprint scanner/face recognition on Android). If your mobile device enables biometric capabilities but you still cannot see the Quick Actions tray in the Timo app, make sure your biometric capabilities are enabled on your device in the operating system (OS) settings. Additionally, you also need to make sure you allow biometric login (Touch ID/Face ID on iOS and fingerprint scanner/face recognition on Android) for the Timo app by tapping on the Security & Alerts section in the Main Menu and turn on biometric login.

As you can see, the Quick Actions tray is designed to help frequent transactions and card protection become even more convenient and fast for users. In addition to this article, you can also find out more information about the Quick Actions tray here.

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Service fees related to banking in particular and service fees in general are always a concern for us as we want to know specifically where we spend our money and to be in control of every expense we make. Understanding this concern, Timo always prioritizes fee transparency to make sure your digital banking experience is clear and trustworthy.

Join us in finding out the true meaning of fee transparency at Timo in the article below.

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Every bank account holder has the right to know clearly the FREE fees and the charged fees at their chosen bank. This is why, at Timo, we demonstrate fee transparency through keeping uncharged fees and charged fees updated on all of our official communication channels, including: Facebook, website and emails sent to our customers.

For instance, you can clearly see the fees that are not charged with your Timo Debit card here. For Timo Mastercard, all the free fees and charged fees are clearly listed down here. For Fast Cash, the applicable interest rate will be sent to your registered email after you complete your application in the Timo app.

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To help you understand better about Timo’s current free fees and charged fees, here are the main fees not charged and charged associated with Timo Debit card and Timo Mastercard.


For Timo Spend Account and Timo Debit Card

– Card issuance fee: To get yourself a Timo Debit card, you only need to complete your online application here and pick up your Timo Debit Card at the nearest Timo Hangout without having to pay for any other fee.

– Annual fee: This is known as the annual maintenance fee that other banks usually charge at 50.000 VND to 100.000 VND per card. However, currently there is no annual fee associated with Timo Debit Card.

– ATM withdrawal fee: Currently it is free to withdraw money from your Timo Debit card at more than 17,000 ATMs in Vietnam.

– Money transfer fee: Moving money from your Timo Spend Account to more than 40 banks in the NAPAS system is currently free.

– POS transaction fee: Currently it is completely free to swipe your Timo Debit card at any POS in Vietnam.

For Timo Mastercard

– Card issuance fee: Issuance fee for credit cards can vary depending on regulations of different banks. Each credit card type and its limit will have the corresponding issuance fees. However, there is currently no card issuance fee for Timo Mastercard.

– First year annual fee: Timo waives the first year’s annual fee for Timo Mastercard holders if within the first 30 days from the issuing date, a minimum of 3 transactions with a minimum value of 300.000 VND per transaction are made. If this condition is not met, you will be charged an amount of 440.000 VND.

– Interest for your first 45 days of use is currently waived.

– Card closure fee: 0

– Replacement of expired card fee: 0

– Monthly statement fee: 0

Find out more about Timo Mastercard’s fee schedule here.


For Timo Spend Account and Timo Debit Card

– PIN & card reissuance: 55.000 VND per card or PIN

– Account balance confirmation: 30.000 VND

– Complaints about domestic money transfer transactions: 30.000 VND

Notes: The above fees are exclusive of VAT.

For Timo Mastercard

– Annual fee (from the second year): 400.000 VND per year

– Statement with official stamp: 80.000 VND

– Account confirmation per cardholder’s request: 50.000 VND

– ATM withdrawal fee: 4% (minimum: 50.000 VND)

– Late payment: 6% (minimum: 100.000 VND)

Notes: the above fees are exclusive of VAT. Find out more about Timo Mastercard’s fee schedule here.

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Fee transparency, specifically in clear announcements and updates about fees are our responsibility and goal. Additionally, to eliminate as many unpleasant experiences of customers as possible, Timo would always try to promptly communicate to our customers of any change in fees schedules.

If you would like to know more about fees Timo does not charge and those they do charge, you can easily find all the information you need via our official communication channels. All important information related to fees is publicized by us. If you need support, you can always contact our Timo Care Team at 1800 6788 (toll free) or via

  • Did you know? 

    To help you save time and money so you can live your life instead of spending it at a bank, Timo digitalizes the majority of regular banking transactions so you can bank anywhere and anytime. Here are some of the highlights that you can look forward to: 

    Free ATM withdrawals/money transfer

    Free annual fee for Timo Debit cards 

    Smart online saving tools with competitive interest rates

    Convenient Timo Mastercard with attractive benefits

    Get an overdraft loan within 30 minutes via the Timo app

    Send a payment request, lock/unlock your cards, pay bills right within the app 



Have you ever been in a situation where you avoid doing something because you do not want to go through the hassle or you are worried that it might affect your relationships or your own personal finance situation?

Explore how Timo can help you solve some of the most common situations that you might be currently avoiding in the article below.

1/ Try a new digital product or service

Many people miss out on experiencing new digital products or services because they are worried that they will have to spend a lot of time learning how to use them.

To help you solve this concern, the Timo app is designed with the top priority of being simple and user-friendly. The layout and location of the main sections in the Timo app are arranged and presented in a logical way to ensure that anyone can use the app right after it is downloaded.

2/ Open a savings account

Are you keeping a fair amount of cash at home because you feel like you have not saved enough to open a savings account?

With Timo, you can open a savings account anytime and anywhere. Instead of keeping cash at home, you can own as many savings account as you want right on your phone. Goal Save with help you to achieve any saving goal that you might currently have, such as: saving for a new motorbike, a new laptop, a holiday, etc. The amount of Goal Save is unlimited, and you can start saving with even 500 VND. If you wish to open a savings account to earn interest, you can also do that in the Timo app with Timo Term Deposit. Not only does Term Deposit come with attractive interest rates, it also allows you to open a savings account at only 1.000.000 VND.

These Timo products were built to make sure that you will never have to worry about going to a bank or whether you have saved enough money to open a savings account

3/ Going through complicated paperwork hassle for a loan

Getting a loan at traditional banks often requires a wide range of different documents such as: proof of income, mortgage assets, etc. When you bring these documents to a bank to apply for a loan, sometimes you can even face situations when you are asked to submit more supporting documents.

To make your journey painless, Timo Fast Cash does not require you to provide any proof of income or mortgage asset. The only things you need to do are to check if you are qualified for Fast Cash and fill in your application form in the Timo app. Once it is submitted, your application will be reviewed within 30 minutes.

After your application is approved and your Spend Account balance reaches 0, your approved Fast Cash limit will be activated. Although you cannot use Fast Cash limit at ATM machines, you can use it to pay via POS swipes, make online payments or money transfers.

4/ Asking for your money back

Some of us often avoid picking up the phone to call or message someone we know to ask for the money we lend them. This might be because we do not want to embarrass them, or we feel like it would affect our relationships with them.

With Timo’s Payment Request, you will have more of a subtle and polite way to ask for our money back. You can either quickly send a reminder to your friends/family or pay off a debt within a few swipes and taps. You can also manage your debts closely as they are divided into two separate categories – Outstanding and Completed. The debts paid from the Payment Requests you send out will be in the Completed section. Conversely, the payment requests you have not paid and the payment requests you sent out that have not been paid will be in the Outstanding section.  

5/ Shopping with your credit card

Owning a credit card does not always mean you would freely spend money without thinking about it. If you are belong to the group of people who are careful in their spending, it is likely that you will face situations when you hesitate to buy an item because you do not want to use all of your credit limit.

With Timo Mastercard, you will not have to worry about this anymore as any eligible transaction over 3.000.000 VND can be converted into installments with the applicable interest rate of 1% per month. Additionally, you would also be entirely proactive in paying for your installments as it is your own choice to settle your payment in 3, 6 or 12 months.

As you can see, Timo can help you to solve many concerns and challenges in a simple and convenient way. Learn more about us here.

Timo App 15.0 has just been launched this February and with it comes some unique features, added security, convenience and speed. There are 3 special features to watch out for:

1/ Touch ID or Face Recognition Login

By popular demand, we’ve introduced the Fingerprint Login feature,  to make our customers banking experience extra convenient.  Now available with the latest App release, all smartphones that support fingerprint log in will be able to activate Touch ID login, and also iPhone X users will be able to activate Face recognition log in using Face ID.

Just a single touch to access your account and experience the convenience of banking with Timo. 

Activate Touch ID/ Face ID in 3 steps: Log into the Timo app –> Menu bar  –> Security and Alerts –> Turn on Touch ID

đăng nhập vân tay timo

2/ Share your Timo account information in a click 

Most people using online money transfer often encounter problems such as: incorrect account number, wrong account holder name, wrong card number etc. What’s more, this information is not easy to remember and most often needs to be written down somewhere. 

Timo has introduced the “Share Bank details” feature that will let you share all relevant information about your account to facilitate a smooth transfer of funds into your Timo account. 

Share your bank account in 3 steps: Log in Timo app –> Menu bar  –> Share my bank details  –> Send it to the receiver via SMS, Zalo, Messenger, Facebook, Viber,…


3/ Instant iOTP

iOTP is an upgrade of the traditional SMS OTP code or one-time password that is used for  online payment verification. Now Timo customers can perform transactions as usual when overseas without relying on your mobile service provider for data roaming,  This updated feature continues to ensure maximum confidentiality of information that might otherwise be compromised on a regular message network. Timo has integrated OTP into the application to help transactions such as transfer money, bill pay, buy flight tickets quickly and safely.

Activate iOTP in 3 steps: Log in Timo app –> Menu bar  –> Security and Alerts –> Turn on iOTP

Don’t forget to check your email from Timo regularly so do not miss out on other news. If you have not upgraded to this latest version, click on the following link below.

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