Timo App 15.0 has just been launched this February and with it comes some unique features, added security, convenience and speed. There are 3 special features to watch out for:

1/ Touch ID or Face Recognition Login

By popular demand, we’ve introduced the Fingerprint Login feature,  to make our customers banking experience extra convenient.  Now available with the latest App release, all smartphones that support fingerprint log in will be able to activate Touch ID login, and also iPhone X users will be able to activate Face recognition log in using Face ID.

Just a single touch to access your account and experience the convenience of banking with Timo. 

Activate Touch ID/ Face ID in 3 steps: Log into the Timo app –> Menu bar  –> Security and Alerts –> Turn on Touch ID

đăng nhập vân tay timo

2/ Share your Timo account information in a click 

Most people using online money transfer often encounter problems such as: incorrect account number, wrong account holder name, wrong card number etc. What’s more, this information is not easy to remember and most often needs to be written down somewhere. 

Timo has introduced the “Share Bank details” feature that will let you share all relevant information about your account to facilitate a smooth transfer of funds into your Timo account. 

Share your bank account in 3 steps: Log in Timo app –> Menu bar  –> Share my bank details  –> Send it to the receiver via SMS, Zalo, Messenger, Facebook, Viber,…


3/ Instant iOTP

iOTP is an upgrade of the traditional SMS OTP code or one-time password that is used for  online payment verification. Now Timo customers can perform transactions as usual when overseas without relying on your mobile service provider for data roaming,  This updated feature continues to ensure maximum confidentiality of information that might otherwise be compromised on a regular message network. Timo has integrated OTP into the application to help transactions such as transfer money, bill pay, buy flight tickets quickly and safely.

Activate iOTP in 3 steps: Log in Timo app –> Menu bar  –> Security and Alerts –> Turn on iOTP

Don’t forget to check your email from Timo regularly so do not miss out on other news. If you have not upgraded to this latest version, click on the following link below.

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