Dear our valued customers,

Timo would like to inform our Timo Hangouts and Timo Care working hours on Reunification & International Labor Days 2020 as follows:

Closing date & time
Date Time
30.04.2020 – 02.05.2020 All day
Re-open date & time
04.05.2020 08:30 am

If you have any issues or concerns, please send an email to or inbox our Facebook and we will get back to you at the earliest. You can still enjoy uninterrupted services and use of the Timo app and as usual.


– You can visit any local bank’s ATM to withdraw funds as you require without any fees. You can also access the Timo ATM located outside the Timo Hangout (Ho Chi Minh city branch) as usual. 

– If you want to deposit cash into your account we recommend you do this on or before 29.04.2020 either through a bank transfer or at a VP Bank branch before 15:00 hrs on the same day

How to find VPBank Branches around you? Here is a link to all the VPBank branches: (type the district you are staying at the left box, press enter, Ex: Tan Binh > Enter)

While you are on your holidays, please continue to be on the alert and protect your bank details from fraudsters. Find out more details here.

Hope you have safe holidays on this year’s Reunification & International Labor Days!


Timo Team.

We would like to inform you of an ongoing threat of fraudsters tricking customers by asking them to click on a fake link which results in their money getting stolen from their bank accounts or cards.

Our main priority is making sure that you are safe and secure when it comes to your banking details and urge you to be vigilant and refrain from responding to such requests.


  • A common trick is that the victim will receive a message (via text message, email, chat via facebook messenger or a phone call…) with content specific to receiving deposits from relatives abroad, payment for goods, notification of winnings or to split winnings.
  • Each request requires the victim to access a website link in order to receive these funds.
  • Once the link is clicked, the victim will be prompted to enter their bank account login credentials (Username, Password) after which the Website will prompt for an OTP to be entered.
  • The innocent victim enters the OTP sent to their phone on this website.
  • Unknown to the victim, the fraudsters have captured the victims login credentials, logged into their account and made a transaction such as move money or apply for Fast cash which generates an OTP code. 
  • The victim innocently inputs the OTP on the Website and this approves the transaction made by the fraudster to Move Money or apply for a Loan etc.

We want all our customers to be aware and vigilant and absolutely DO NOT ACCESS suspicious links sent via SMS messages, Chat apps or an email address NOT REGISTERED as the official Timo email.

Timo or VP Bank will never ask for your personal details, including your credit or debit card number, 3 digit security code (CVV) for your card, One-Time Password (OTP), ATM PIN, Quick Code or username and password either via a phone call, via link or any other channel.


  1. REGULARLY CHANGE your password/PIN/ Quick code. Make your password unique and hard to guess by adding in symbols (!@#$) and numbers.
  2. NEVER use the same username and password on different websites, especially for banking
  3. NEVER SHARE your password / PIN / Quick Code / OTP with anyone! Neither Timo nor VP Bank WOULD EVER ask for such information. 
  4. ALWAYS access Timo via the App or via the website into your web browser, NEVER by clicking on a hyperlink.
  5. DO NOT CLICK OR FORWARD links in emails, SMS or chat/WhatsApp messages if you doubt the authenticity of such links.
  6. DO NOT SHARE  your confidential personal and banking details with any third party via phone, messaging apps or email. 
  7. NEVER SHARE or post a picture of your card number to the public.
  8. LOCK YOUR CARD right in the Timo App (Manage Cards section) in case of loss or you realize any suspicious activity.

In case you encounter any of these situations or notice any suspicious activity related to your bank account, please call us immediately via Hotline 1800 6788 (domestic toll free) or +8428 7300 8466 (overseas) for assistance.

As a Timo Mastercard customer, we hope you have enjoyed the benefits of 0% FX on all your overseas spends in 2016 and 2017.

As of 2nd January 2018 this offer is no longer available and like any other bank, standard FX rates will apply for any transactions made while travelling or shopping abroad.

Domestic transactions remain unaffected and you can continue to enjoy using your card for your daily needs without worrying about carrying cash.

We will be adding more benefits for all our Mastercard customers in the coming months so do stay tuned. Find out more about privileges for Timo member and Timo Mastercard owner here.

To find out more, please contact our Timo Care team on 18006788

For more information on Timo Mastercard, please click here. Latest Fees Schedule here.


To celebrate this festive season, Timo would love to say thanks to all valued customer for all of your supporting during the year and cheer to the Christmas and New Year 2018 coming.

Timo would like to inform you of our Timo Hangout and Timo Care working schedule as follows:
working hour 2018

During this time, our Timo Hangout HCM will remain temporarily closed, and our Call Centre representatives will be unavailable. If you need any urgent assistance, please send an email to  and one of our representatives will try to get back to you at the earliest. You can still log into the Timo mobile and Web App as usual.

Please take note of this early closure notice and we hope your services are unaffected during this time. Have a pleasant day.

Enjoy the holiday without worry about account’s security, check out our safety tips Here

Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.