Through every update of the app, we always try to add new features or update existing ones to enhance the customers’ experience. The most recent update of the app, the 23rd version, is no exception as there are several outstanding updates for the Timo Visa. For those who are planning to get a Timo Visa or those who already own a Timo Visa. Find out more about the 3 main updates for Timo Visa in the 23rd version of the app in the article below.
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1 – We will remind you of your appointment to collect your Timo Visa 

This is an additional feature to assist customers in the application process for a Timo Visa. For customers who always have a tight work schedule, forgetting an appointment can happen anytime. To help customers overcome this problem, we will remind you of your appointment with us via your smartphone.
Specifically, if you have an appointment to complete your Timo Visa application, you will be reminded of your appointment 2 hours before the appointment time. However, this will only happen if you allow us to send you push notifications to your phone.

2 – You can lock/unlock your card quickly and safely

Although this feature already exists in the Timo app, it has been updated to help you promptly prevent unauthorized access to your account and card through the Timo app. With the new update, you will not have to enter OTP/iOTP upon locking your Timo Visa. This is because, as you lock your card, it will be impossible for any authorized access to occur. Hence, we would like to help you get this done as quickly as possible. On the other hand, OTP/iOTP is required to unlock your Timo Visa as a verification step to ensure security.
To use this feature, go to the Manage Cards feature in the app and tap on either Lock This Card or Unlock This Card at Timo Visa. The card status will also be shown on the same screen to help you manage your card easily.
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3 – You can enable/disable e-commerce payments anytime, anywhere

To help you proactively protect your Timo Visa in a more comprehensive way, the 23rd version of the Timo app also offers the Enable/Disable E-commerce Payments feature for Timo Visa holders. With this feature, you can lock the online payment function of your card if you do not need to use your Timo Visa to make online payments. After disabling e-commerce payments, you will not be able to use your Timo Visa on any online platform and can only use your Timo Visa at ATMs or through POS swipes. When you want to use your Timo Visa online, you will need to enable e-commerce payments in the app first before being able to use your card for any online transaction.
Similar to the Lock/Unlock Your Card feature, this feature only requires you to enter OTP/iOTP for verification when you enable e-commerce payments. You would not need to carry out this step if you want to disable e-commerce payments from your Timo Visa.
The above updates of the Timo app’s 23rd version are put together to help you proactively protect your card and account better. With these updates, you can easily manage your shopping and spending activities with a few simple taps and swipes via the Timo app.
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Have you ever met any credit cardholder who shares that they are afraid of owning a credit card due to several different reasons? What are the most common fears people usually have when owning a credit card? Most of these fears are results of how the credit cards are used rather than the credit cards themselves. The article below will help you understand these fears better and ways to overcome them.

1. The fear of bad credit ranking

Your credit rating can constantly be assessed and evaluated based on your payment history. Hence, for those people who care about their credit rating, they are always careful with every transaction or activity made with credit card to make sure they don’t negatively affect their credit rating. However, one thing that every credit cardholder should remember is being responsible for your credit payment is a foundation of maintaining a stable credit rating. No matter how careful you are with your transactions, your credit rating can still drop if you do not pay off your credit payment on time.

2. The fear of overspending with a credit card in hand

This is a very common fear and it sometimes affects one’s decision when opening a credit card. Some people often worry that, once they own a credit card with a certain approved limit, they will start swiping their credit card uncontrollably and end up with a large amount of debt at the end of the month.
However, the amount of debt you owe is entirely the result of your spending decisions. Therefore, to make sure your debt doesn’t go beyond your financial limit, come up with a personal budget and make sure you stick with it. Having a clear personal budget will help you know how much you can spend and when you should stop spending. Understanding your financial limit will help you overcome this fear.

3. The fear of having your credit card information stolen

The risks of having your credit cards stolen or abused are always warned on many different communication channels. Hackers and thieves can have several ways to access your credit card information, such as: via the internet, via SMS text messages, via ATM machines, etc.
To minimize these risks, many banks equip their issued credit cards with EMV chíp to protect customers’ credit card information from being abused. However, you should also keep your credit card as safely as you would keep your wallet. And don’t forget that you should only use your credit card at trustworthy locations. Find out other card safety guidelines you should know here.

4. The fear of ending up with unaffordable debts

Some people often think that credit cards are a way banks push customers into falling into debt. And then when people do not pay the debt off on time, the debt becomes even larger with interest, late payment fees, etc. This perception is not only applied to credit cards but also to any other loan product or service provided by banks.
Although credit cards are products provided by banks so you can use first and pay it off later, you are in total control of how you use it. You will not end up with a larger debt if you know your limit and pay off your credit limit on time. One other thing that you should also remember is to avoid asking for an increase in your credit limit when you don’t think that you can afford it.

As you can see, these fears associated with credit cards can easily be eliminated if you know how to use your credit card properly have a reasonable personal budget. Find out more about Timo Mastercard here.