Costs are often used as a travel scale for many people. Some of us usually plan a budget holiday by prioritizing ways to cut down as much costs as possible. However, a holiday is meant to bring you enjoyment and relaxation, and having a budget holiday does not necessarily rely on how much costs you are able to cut down. Planning a budget holiday sometimes relies on how well you can manage your costs and how to make the most out of the budget that you have.
Below are 7 tips from us to help you properly plan a budget holiday.

1/ Explore travel & tourism sites

Independent travel is commonly favored due to the flexibility of time and visited destinations, as well as the freedom to explore in your own way. If you are unsure about where to start and places you should visit, take advantage of all those available travel and tourism sites on the Internet to get yourself a wealth of useful information, including: top destinations to visit, travel experiences, transportation, attractive deals, etc.
Some of the most well-known online travel guides are: TripAdvisor, World Travel Guide, Lonely Planet, etc.

2/ Make the most out of discounts and special offers


The second secret to a budget holiday is to make the most out of all the discounts and special offers offered by travel-related service providers. Airlines, hotels, tour agencies, etc. often offer special offers and discounts a few months to a year in advance. Hence, you should plan your holiday in advance to make the most out of these deals.
Additionally, you should also do some research about the destination and places with special promotions for tourists at that destination prior to your trip.

3/ Choose the right travel time to save costs

You might not know but time is one of the crucial factors that can help you save costs effectively. Flight tickets and accommodation prices often vary depending on date and time. For instance, flight tickets are often cheaper from Tuesday to Thursday compared to the period between Friday and Monday. Similarly, accommodation prices are also higher during peak periods such as Christmas, summer, other public holidays, etc.

4/ Save with your smartphone

Technology is one of the useful companions for those who travel oftenly. With a smartphone connected to the Internet, you can easily own several different travel-related applications that can you help arrange a reasonable travel schedule while maximizing time and costs that you can save. Airbnb and are currently two of the most well-known accommodation booking platforms in the world that allow you to find the accommodation you want at an affordable price.
For those who love meeting up and getting to know new people, CouchSurfing is an ideal platform. It connects travelers with a global network of people willing to help others have a truly social experience during their trips.

5/ Start saving for your holiday early

After deciding on your destination and holiday time, a savings account dedicated to your trip is what you need. Save a certain amount of money every month to have enough for your holiday in time.
If you have a Timo account, you can start saving for your trip with Timo Goal Save and its automatic recurring contribution feature. Find out more about Timo Goal Save here.

6/ Travel cashless with a credit card


Keeping the money safe is always one of the top concerns for travelers. While exploring a new destination, you will also probably face different problems in making payments, using foreign currencies, etc. This is why a credit card would be a perfect solution for people travelling abroad.
Owning a credit card means that you would not have to bring as much physical cash and always have to make sure you do not lose your money. Your credit card is completely capable of being a replacement for cash and helping you to settle payments for everything, from airline tickets, hotel reservations to bill payment at shops, restaurants, coffee shops or any other service provider accepting credit card as a payment method.

7/ Experience the local culture of your destination

A memorable holiday often involves living like locals and getting to know their culture and traditions. Not only does this bring you unique memories but also helps you to save costs.
These 7 tips above will help you to have a budget holiday while maximizing opportunities to explore and unique experiences. Start using them now to have more of a memorable holiday this summer!