As a digital bank, we are very proud of how we are able to help people carry out most of the usual banking transactions online right in one mobile app. If a traditional bank card can only be simply managed by keeping it safe in your wallet or with the help of your registered bank, at Timo you can be more proactive and efficient in managing your Timo card(s) with the Manage Cards feature in the Timo app.

The Manage Cards feature is a smart innovation to help modern people like you protect your account and bank card anytime and anywhere. Read the article below to understand this feature better.

What is Manage Cards?

The Manage Cards feature is one of the smart features in the Timo app designed to help cardholders proactively manage information, security and status of their Timo Debit Card and Timo Mastercard. Activities related to the status of your card and PIN are all carried out in this feature.

With the role of managing the safety of your card, the Manage Cards feature comes with 4 main functions as below.

1. Lock/Unlock your card (Applicable for both Timo Debit Card and Timo Mastercard)

This function is an immediate “savior” for situations when you discover unusual transactions made from your card/account and wish to immediately prevent your money from being stolen. With this feature, you will not even have to get in touch with our Hotline as you can directly lock your card right in the app. With the latest version of the app, Quick Code and OTP/iOTP are no longer required when you want to lock your card. However, Quick Code and OTP/iTOP are still required when you want to unlock your card.

Why has this been implemented? Once your card is locked, it will be less likely for your money and card details to be stolen. Hence, we want to empower you to take immediate action when you suspect some fraudulent activity instead of having to call the bank. 

2. Request a new card + PIN (Applicable for Timo Debit Card)

This function is designed to help you save time as well as make sure you do not have to bring cash with you when you come to the nearest Timo Hangout to pick up your new card. When your card is scratched and cannot be used anymore, or if you have lost your card, this function will help you to send a request to get a new card in a few swipes and taps. An additional charge of 55.000 VND will also be automatically deducted from your Spend Account upon completing your request (if your account balance is equal to or greater than 55.000 VND).

3. Reset PIN (Applicable for Timo Debit Card)

Instead of having to wait at a bank to get a new PIN, this problem will be solved in seconds with Timo. Our latest Reset PIN feature comes in handy when you forget your PIN, want to change your PIN to enhance your card security or want to unlock your card from having it locked after entering 3 wrong PIN attempts.  

If you wish to reset your PIN, simply tap on the Reset PIN section in Manage Cards and reset your PIN with your account password and confirm your change with either OTP or iOTP. Your PIN will be reset after a few simple steps without any charge. Also, the number of times you can reset your PIN in the app is unlimited.

4. Enable/Disable E-commerce Payment (Applicable for Timo Mastercard)

This function is provided to help Timo Mastercard holders protect their cards more effectively. This function is used when you want to make sure that your Timo Mastercard cannot be used for online payments. If you choose to disable e-commerce payment, you will not be able to use your card on any online platform. However, you can still use your card at ATMs and via POS as usual. Conversely, when you choose to enable e-commerce payment, your credit card will work normally and can be used to carry out online payments.

Similar to the lock/unlock your card function, the step of entering either OTP or iTOP is eliminated when you disable e-commerce payment to help you protect your card as soon as possible. However, you will be required to enter an OTP/iOTP when you want to enable e-commerce payment.

In today’s world where everything is improved by digital technology, what’s better than being accompanied by a smart and modern card management feature? This also helps to illustrate how Timo is a companion that keeps up with the speed of your life instead of only offering you a regular bank card.


There are usually two ways to withdraw cash from an ATM card – you can either go to any branch of your bank and make an over the counter request for a withdrawal, or you can withdraw cash at an ATM machine.

Withdrawing cash in the past was more difficult, as people would have to find ATM machine that belonged to their bank to make a transaction. But since the evolution of payment providers like Smartlink, Napas, Banknet, Visa, Mastercard etc. and thanks to inter-bank connectivity, there’s more flexibility when withdrawing money from different banks’ ATM machines.

Although this evolution has brought a significant amount of convenience to people’s daily lives, there are still a large number of people who are resistant to withdrawing cash from different banks’ ATM machines. This is because there are a lot of factors to be mindful of when withdrawing from an ATM.

So what are the factors to keep in mind when withdrawing cash from another banks’ ATM machine?

  • Even though the inter-bank connection between ATMs is good, sometimes the payment providers may not be connected to all ATM machines.  Look for the symbol/logo of Smartlink, Napas, Banknet, Visa, Mastercard etc. on your card and for the corresponding payment service provider on the ATM machine you are withdrawing money from. For instance, if your ATM card is issued by NAPAS, it’s best to withdraw money from ATM machines that are linked to NAPAS for a smooth transaction.
  • Cash withdrawal fees from another banks’ ATM machines are usually higher than your card issuing  bank’s ATM machines (between 3,300 – 11,000VND/transaction for a local ATM card). However, there are banks that offer no cash withdrawal fee.
  • International banks’ cash withdrawal fees are approximately 10.000 VND to 33.000 VND when using an international Debit MasterCard/Visa Card. The fee is likely to be even higher if the transaction is made overseas at a bank ATM that is not your card issuing bank.  
  • At the end of your transaction, there should be a notification displayed on the the ATM screen. Cross check the details and confirm the transaction only if you are comfortable with the details.

Here’s why although it is more convenient to withdraw money from another banks’ ATM machines, a fair number of people still prefer to look for their issuing bank’s ATM machines to  save on withdrawal fees.