Sending debt reminders is sometimes one of the actions that we cannot avoid in our daily lives, although it can bring a sense of embarrassment to both the person sending the reminder and the person receiving the reminder. Sometimes debt reminders can even lead to negative effects of the involved parties.

Have you heard of or tried out the Payment Request feature of Timo? If you are a Timo account holder and you have not heard of or tried this feature, let us help you know more about this in the article below.

What is Timo’s Payment Request?

Timo’s Payment Request is one of the smart features provided in the Timo app with the hope of  keeping up with the speed of users’ lives. With this smart feature, users will no longer have to worry about what to say nor how to handle a debt effectively.
This feature can be used in the Timo app with just a few swipes and taps. Timo Payment Request also helps you to manage and organize your debts more effectively since all your debts are clearly divided into 2 main categories: Outstanding and Completed. The debts you already paid and the debts already paid to you will be in the Completed list. The debts you have not paid as well as the debts have not been paid to you will be in the Outstanding list.

How to use Timo Payment Request?

You can find this feature in the Payment section of the Timo app. When you tap on Payment Request, the Manage Requests section will appear on the screen and you will see all your outstanding and completed payment requests here.
To send a payment request to another Timo account holder, you can quickly select the recipient’s name or add a new recipient at the (+) sign. To make the payment request clearly, you can also add in a description before sending out the payment request.
To check the outstanding debts you have not paid, tap on Outstanding in the Manage Requests section and you will be able to see all the payment requests you have not dealt with here. To quickly resolve any outstanding payment request, tap on the corresponding payment request and choose Pay Now, then enter your OTP/iOTP code to complete the transaction.

How does Timo Payment Request help you to manage your personal financial situation?

Effective personal financial management is not only about managing your income and expenses but also about how well you manage your debts.
With the support of Timo’s Payment Request, you can manage your personal financial situation effectively, intelligently and delicately. All notifications related to payment requests will be sent to users. Hence, the debts you need to resolve can be handled promptly to maintain your credibility. Debt reminders can also be sent to people owing you money in a polite way. Every incoming and outstanding debt will then be resolved easily.
We hope the above article helped you understand more about Timo Payment Request so you can use it to manage your personal financial situation more effectively.