Rest easy.
Timo takes security very seriously.

Multi-layered and fully tested security policies.

Thanh uses Timo because he knows that even if he loses his phone, his Timo account is protected behind a password, 4 digit PIN, and all new transactions require an OTP.

Learn about Timo’s multi-level security

Security is our #1 priority at Timo, that’s why all your money is secure in VPBank. The Timo app is also protected by a password and 4 digit PIN which we do not store anywhere. Timo security settings also allow you to set when an OTP is required for transactions, where your notifications are sent, and the ability to lock and unlock your card remotely. So even if you lose your phone, you can login into and lock it remotely.


Travel with peace of mind and still have control of your account anywhere you have internet access.

Before Thanh’s trip he changed his setting to receive an email for all notifications and OTP’s. This allowed him pay his bills while he was sightseeing. He also knew that his Timo account was secure because he knew he would receive all notifications and could lock his card at a moment’s notice.

“I switched to Timo when I found out that I could control and set the security settings the way I felt comfortable. This is how banking should be!”

Phi Duy - Doctor

Timo Offers Next Level Security

Control access to your card

Lock and unlock your card from in app or on any browser easily.

Triple layer security

Username + password, 4 digit PIN (for mobile app), and OTP help to protect you from unauthorized access to your account.

Your money is in VPBank

Timo gives you full access to your account but all our money is secured at VPBank and protected by the State Bank.


Timo is as secure as a regular bank.
And gives you more control.


Use Timo to plan for your next dream vacation

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Timo Me!

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