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What should I do if I lose my mobile device?

All you need to do is log into your Timo account on a new device or via the Web App from to log yourself out of your Timo account on your lost device. If you don’t have a new device, please call our Timo Care 1800 6788 for further support.


Is Timo app secure? How can I trust it when banking?

Customer data is our priority and we ensure that our customer’s funds & information are always protected with multi-layered security. With multi-factor login methods using Username & Password or Biometrics to token authentication methods using the iOTP/OTP to verify any transaction made in Timo app and even a lock/unlock card function in the app, Timo […]


Security Tips

Never share OTP, PIN code, username and password and card information (card number, issue date, CVV code (if any) for anyone, even Timo staff. Change PIN code periodically. Never use the same Password/Username as other non-banking accounts. Always access Timo via the App or via the website, never by clicking on a hyperlink. Do […]


How to withdraw from my Goal Save?

You can withdraw your money in Goal Save account anytime by moving money to Spend Account. After that, you can either withdraw money by your Napas Debit card at any ATMs in NAPAS network or send it via a move money transfer to any bank.


What is the Piggy Bank?

For every amount you contribute each month towards your Goal Save accounts, Timo will pay you an interest and this amount will be sent to the Piggy Bank. You can choose to move this money to your Spend Account at any time.


Can the foreigners apply for Goal Save?

Unfortunately, non-Vietnamese nationals are not eligible for Timo Goal Save as per Circular No 48/2018/TT-NHNN declared by the State Bank of Vietnam. Read the full Circular here.