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How to withdraw from my Goal Save?

You can withdraw your money in Goal Save account anytime by moving money to Spend Account. After that, you can either withdraw money by your Napas Debit card at any ATMs in NAPAS network or send it via a move money transfer to any bank.


What is the Piggy Bank?

For every amount you contribute each month towards your Goal Save accounts, Timo will pay you an interest and this amount will be sent to the Piggy Bank. You can choose to move this money to your Spend Account at any time.


What is the interest rate on Timo Goal Save?

Interest is calculated daily at 0.2% interest per year and paid out monthly. And if you decide to withdraw it into your Spend Account at any given time, the interest you earned for the time you kept the amount within Goal Save will be paid at the end of the month, without any penalty.


What is Timo Goal Save? Is it a savings account?

Timo Goal Save is an intelligent savings tool to help you plan for a goal no matter big or small. Just set a savings goal, the amount you want to save and when you want to reach your goal and let Timo do the rest. With recurring contributions and 0.2% interest per year paid out […]


How to re-pay Timo Visa Credit card’s outstanding balance?

Here are the different ways you can re-pay your Visa Credit card’s outstanding balance: – Automatic Debit function: This is linked to your Spend account and on the due date, automatically debits your Spend account. You can choose an automatic payment of the minimum amount of 5% of the total outstanding balance OR you can […]