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Timo Star Club

Invite friends to become a true star & get rewards

The more successful invitations sent - The more stars you get - The bigger rewards you receive

*More details in the Timo app.

How to invite a friend using your Referral code?

Just a few steps to invite your friends to join Timo.


Tap (•••) button at the navigation bar then choose Invite Friends.


You can choose to edit or skip editing to share your Referral code at the Invite Friends section.


Press Share to send your referral code via social apps or tap Copy to send it to your friends via any channels you want.


Check the list of friends who have successfully joined but haven’t got the rewards yet by tapping View pending list.

Join Timo and get a 20k reward* by accepting your friend's invitation

Just 5 minutes to open a Timo account & get a 20K reward immediately when inputting your friend’s Referral code.

How to join Timo using your friend's Referral code?

Follow in-app instructions to quickly set up your account.


Download Timo app and get started by entering your information.


Enter the Referral code sent by your friend.


Take a selfie for facial verification.


Scan your valid documents as requested.

Start using your account immediately without waiting for a Debit card

What is Timo Star Club?

Timo Star Club (TSC) is the referral campaign that is loved by most Timo customers. At this time, Timo would like to bring you more incentives, more experience so that we call this campaign Timo Star Club. 

Whoever you are, you’re always a star in Timo’s heart. By inviting your friends who are not Timo customers yet to join us, you’ve officially become a star.