Receive Li Xi to get double Li Xi for a fabulous year | Timo

Receive Li Xi
to get 50,000 VND*

*Terms and Conditions applied.

How to receive Li Xi?

Tap the app notification and log in to see your Li Xi detail.

Choose “Add this payee” if the Sender is not in your Timo Payee list.

Tap Close to finish receiving Li Xi.

Tap the notification you received.

Click on the link and it will direct you to a web portal.

Tap Join Timo to claim and follow instructions.

Open and log in to the Timo app.

Tap Close to finish receiving Li Xi.

Benefits of receiving Li Xi:

Don't forget to Li Xi more
to get more Li Xi

The fun of lucky money is to bring joy to both the Giver and the Receiver. To thank you for sharing Timo Li Xi with your loved ones, Timo will give you 50,000 VND Li Xi for each successful Li Xi sent to non-Timo customers*.

*Please refer to our Terms and Conditions here >

Frequently Asked Questions

This promotion takes place from 14/01/2021 to 28/02/2021.

You must be a Timo customer to join in our Li Xi promotion.

This promotion is NOT applicable at the same time with other promotion for the existing customers.

Read Terms and Conditions here.