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Sending money to your mother has never been easier.

Phuong sends money to her mother in Danang every month. Phuong loves Timo because she can send money to her mother's bank account while relaxing over a cup of coffee.

See How Timo Works

Timo allows you to send money to any bank account in Vietnam. Send to a debit card number and the money is sent instantly and can be done 24/7. All completely fee free!


Send and receive money from any bank account in Vietnam

Moms love Timo because they can receive money from their children easily and instantly. Her children use Timo’s transfer to another banks Debit Card number so she can receive the money instantly and 24/7. With Timo, it is fee free so she don’t have to wait until the next working day to receive when sending with the regular bank transfer method. They don’t have to wait in line and she doesn’t have to wait until tomorrow to receive it!

“I am an entrepreneur and need to send and receive money at all times of the day. Timo transfers over Napas networks are free so I convinced all my customers and suppliers to sign up too!”

Duc Thuan - Auditor

Timo Move Moneyis Powerful!

Free transfers to any bank nationwide

Transfer to any bank account in Vietnam fee free. Never worry again about fees when you need to send money quickly to your mom!

Free instant transfers 24/7

Send money instantly to anyone fee free using their debit card number. Timo also offers instant bank transfers to 20+ in Vietnam. 24/7 and fee free!

Timo another Timo member easily

Send money to another Timo member easily with just one piece of info: account number, card number, or email they used to register with Timo!


Timo can transfer to any bank account in Vietnam
fee free.


Timo wants to help you achieve your goals

Create a goal, automate payments, and achieve you goals without having to worry about them. On top of that, receive 1% interest on all goals paid monthly! Perfect for stashing away just sitting around!

Timo Term Deposits is mobile financial management done right

Timo offers competitive rates on Timo TD’s that can be created and managed easily on the go! Timo TD’s are also intelligent and help you maximize your savings!