The beginning of the year is the time when new plans and goals are set. Have you thought about investing your savings to generate a profit? If yes, we hope that the following tips and advice from us will help you choose a suitable financial investment option for yourself.  

Before deciding on any investment option, there are two elements that you need to clarify and take into consideration:

1/ Personal investment is not about using less of your monthly income. Instead, let your savings do the work for you by generating profit with a suitable investment option.

2/ After choosing a suitable investment option, you need a specific and detailed plan to make sure that you will not lost to daily temptations. Your goal and plan also needs to be in line with your current and future financial situations. For example, if you are a fresh graduate who just had your first job, your goal should be paying for a certain course to enhance your skills or buy a laptop/motorbike to support your productivity. If you have had a stable job for 3-5 years, your goal should be saving money to buy a house or invest in stock.

To choose the right personal investment option for yourself, you need to be aware of every effective personal investment method in the market. Below are some of the most well-known personal investment methods in Vietnam.

Ownership investments

Ownership investments often include: securities investment, start-up business, real estate. This type of investment is highly profitable but contains a fair amount of risks.

  • Securities investment is a form of investment done through buying listed securities/stocks of an enterprise in order to hold it for investment purposes. This form of investment can be used by anyone as it does not require a large amount of investment and the process of buying/selling stocks is easy and flexible. The main benefit of investing in securities is the possibility of maximizing your returned interest if your investment is used at the right time.
  • Investment in real estate has become a common investment vehicle and can be done through renting apartments to third parties, buying/selling houses or land. Investment in real estate requires a large amount of stable capital to ensure access to financing.
  • Start a business: this is one of the most difficult forms of investment as it does not only require a large amount of investment capital but also depends on many factors to maintain an exponential development so that the ability of break even and generating high profit is likely.

Open a savings account to earn interest

This investment vehicle allows you to earn profit through interest. A term deposit account is one of the most effective saving methods as term deposits can only be withdrawn after a certain period of time as agreed upon locking your money. If you have a Timo account, do not forget that Timo is currently one of the leading banks that allow our customers to open term deposits right on their couch with attractive rates and flexible rates. Additionally, to help customers maximize their interest earning, Timo app also offers customers the option to split their term deposit into smaller amounts so that they would only have to withdraw from one of them when needed.

Investment in open-end funds

An open-end fund is a type of mutual fund that is contributed by many investors with the same goal and does not have restrictions on the amount of shares the fund can issue. The concept of “open-end” relates to the amount of time and the number of investors participating in the investment. The fund is normally managed by a professional fund management company and it is usually used to invest in stocks and/or bonds.

An Open-end fund is a type of indirect investment. While investing in companies generates stock, investing in open-end funds generates fund certificates to investors. This type of investment is suitable for a large number of investors who do not have a lot of prior knowledge or expertise in this field.

Trustworthy open-end funds in Vietnam, at the moment, include: Equity Opportunity Fund (VEOF), Enhanced Fixed Income Fund (VFF) and Vietnam Equity Special Access Fund (VESAF). VinaCapital is the investment management company that offers all these three products. Your potential benefits of investing in an open-end fund include: high long-term returns, flexible liquidity and risk reduction through diversification.

The above suggestions are potential personal investment options that you can try out in 2019. Although it may be tricky to predict which investment vehicle will bring you the largest amount of profit, however, to effectively own a financial investment, you need to have a clear goal and pick a suitable investment vehicle for yourself beforehand. Investing in securities and real estate will be highly profitable if you have a large amount of idle savings. If you prefer safety and only want to earn some extra income, opening a savings account or investing in an open-end fund will be suitable for you. Additionally, keep yourself updated with the latest information in the financial sector by reputable sites such as,, etc.