To help Timo account holders generate profit from their savings, Timo partners with VinaCapital to provide a few investment products from the open-ended fund managed by VinaCapital right in the Timo app. If you consider opening an investment account with VinaCapital, check out the information provided in the article below for your reference.

Highlights about VinaCapital

VinaCapital is one of the most experienced fund management companies in Vietnam. VinaCapital is trusted by a large population of existing and potential investors due to their provision of multiple funds with different risk and return profiles that meet a range of investor needs. Additionally, some of their strengths include:  

– Led by senior executives with over 150 years of combined investment experience in Vietnam

– Has more than 15 years of experience in the Vietnamese industry

– The assets under their management equal to 2 billion USD

Highlights about the open-ended fund managed by VinaCapital

The fund is called “open-ended” because it does not have a definite term, and investors may join and leave the fund any time they want. To join a fund, the investor simply opens an account and transfers money into the fund. When the investor wishes to leave the fund, the investor simply sends a request to withdraw his/her money from the fund. The price at which investors join and leave a fund is determined by the value of the fund at the time the investor joins or leaves.

VinaCapital currently offers the following investment options in the open-ended fund:

VinaWealth Equity Opportunity Fund (VEOF): VEOF’s objective is to generate capital gains in the medium term (1-3 years) by investing into a diversified portfolio of listed stocks, with particular focus on large-cap stocks. Per regulations, the fund may only invest into listed Vietamese stocks.

VinaWealth Enhanced Fixed Income Fund (VFF): VFF is a bond open-ended fund with the objective of generating stable, low risk return in the medium term (1-3 years). Per regulations, VFF must invest at least 80% of the fund’s assets into fixed-income instruments, including government bonds, government-guaranteed bonds, municipal bonds, corporate bonds, valuable papers, and bank deposits.

Vietnam Equity Special Access Fun (VESAF): VESAF is an equity open-ended fund invests into equities to generate capital gain in the medium to long-term (2-5 years). VESAF’s objective is to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns over the long-term, through bottom-up stock selection and disciplined risk management, especially stocks that have attracted special attention from foreign investors with limited room for foreign investments.

Invest in the open-ended fund managed by VinaCapital through the Timo app

In today’s 4.0 revolution, the trend of investing in the open-ended fund has become more well-known. The age groups of potential and existing investors have also become younger as the minimum investment value is not high (minimum 2.000.000 VND).

When investing with VinaCapital through the Timo app, you can choose between VEOF or VFF. You can easily create an investment account with VinaCapital with the minimum value of 2.000.000 VND, along with a few swipes and taps. The 0 entry (subscription) fee is applied for both investment solutions. If investors would like to switch between the available investment solutions, the switching fee for the first time is free. The fee of 0.5% will be applied for the second switching and onward within a fiscal year.

Find out more about investing with VinaCapital in the Timo app here.



When it comes to starting an investment, many new investors struggle between choosing a long-term investment or a short-term investment due to the lack of knowledge and experience in the field. In general, both long-term investments and short-term investments often bring a particular amount of benefits to investors. However, long-term investments are proven to be more beneficial due to several reasons provided in the article below.

What are the differences between long-term investments and short-term investments?

No matter what investment area is being chosen, the length of the investment is always one of the most important factors that many investors take into consideration to assess the level of risk and profitability.

Long-term investments are a form of investment that operates over a period of many years (usually above 3 years). This form of investment is suitable for those who want to use their savings to generate sustainable profit, as long-term investments help investors to avoid fluctuations from the short-term investment market.

On the other hand, short-term investments is a form of investment that is suitable for those who are willing to take on the risk and experience several different areas of investment. To be able to start a short-term investment, you must be knowledgeable about the current market and have enough experience to cope with any market change that might happen in the near future. The risks that come with short-term investments are also known to be higher than the risks that come with long-term investments.

Why is a long-term investment more beneficial than a short-term investment?

One of the main concerns for any type of investment is market volatility. Market volatility is used to measủe the degree to which prices change over time. One of the most outstanding advantages of long-term investments is found in the relationship between market volatility and time. Investments held for a longer period of time lend to exhibit lower market volatility than those held for a shorter period of time. The longer you invest, the more likely you will be able to weather low market periods.

Putting your money in long-term investments also provides tax advantages on capital gains. Long-term gains are usually taxed at rates below your income tax bracket. On the other hand, short-term gains are usually taxed as regular income.

Additionally, long-term investments also help investors to enhance their patience and calmness. Instead of paying too much attention to price changes, long-term investors can be able to spend their time to learn about a potential company’s long-term growth prospects or the viability of a new business model.

Start your own long-term investment in the open-ended fund managed by VinaCapital

In this booming 4.0 revolution, investment is no longer an area that is difficult to participate. This is why the number of younger investors also increase and they tend to entrust their capital into reputable fund management companies.

In particular, the open-ended fund managed by VinaCapital is one of the most outstanding solutions in the market. Better yet, it is available in the Timo app for your convenience. When investing with VinaCapital through the Timo app, you can choose between Equity Opportunity Fund (VEOF) or VinaWealth Enhanced Fixed Income Fund (VFF).

If you are thinking about starting your first investment, you can find out about some principles you need to know before starting your own investment here.

Hopefully the above article has helped you to have some more insights about long-term investments and short-term investments, as well as help you to choose a suitable solution for yourself to generate profitability from your savings.


Generating profit from a financial investment has always attracted interest from people at large. Some people might see it as a necessary step to secure their future while other might see it as an interesting challenge or something new to be experienced. However, no matter what perspective you might have on financial investment, check out the following principles to make sure your financial investment is carried out effectively.

1 – Start today

As soon as you have either an intention or a plan to start your own investment, start learning as much as you can about the investment solution or investment area you aim for. If you put the research process on hold just because you are afraid that you don’t have enough money or because of its risky nature, you will never find out which investment solution or area would be suitable for you and how to carry it out effectively. The amount of money you have to invest is not always the most important matter. It is more important to start from a small step and use it as a foundation for the next steps. Putting things on hold can also mean wasting potential opportunities.

2 – Build a reasonable expenses plan

It would be challenging to maintain a financial investment if you don’t have a certain amount of money dedicated to your investment every month. Hence, before starting your own investment, build your own monthly expenses plan and dedicate a certain amount of money to use for your investment. Determine the priorities of each of your expenses to see if you can eliminate any unnecessary costs.

3 – Be patient

Sometimes it takes a good amount of time for an investment to generate profit. This is why patience is required for any investor. A calm and patient state of mind will also come in handy during market fluctuations, as freaking out would not help you to fix any problem.

4 – Keep practicing

Thinking and observing will not generate any profit. That’s why you need to start and continue practicing. Practice observing, evaluating and analyzing different investment channels and solutions. This practice will help you to draw your own useful findings for the upcoming investment process. Monitoring the fluctuations of the market as well as different investment channels will also help you to find the suitable investment solution for yourself.

5 – Distribute potential risks

To cope with the ups and downs of the market, successful investors would distribute their money into different areas. It has been proven that diversification reduces risks but does not affect the average performance.

Investors can reduce risks by owning more than one type of investment, such as: bonds, stocks, gold, real estate, etc.

One of the best solutions to effectively distribute potential risks is through an open-end fund. Open-end funds use investors’ money to buy small investments from several organizations. By owning a part of the open-end fund, you will have a small investment in several different investments. This will also help to minimize the damage if one investment goes bankrupt.

6 – Find a reputable investment management company

In today’s modern world, several investment management companies have been established to help investors limit risks and enhance profits from their investments. These companies have a high level of expertise and experience that will be beneficial for you during your investment process. For instance, VinaCapital is one of the most outstanding investment management companies with more than 15 years of experience in Vietnam, and currently manage funds across multiple asset classes, including public and private equity, fixed income, real estate, venture capital, and managed accounts. They offer multiple funds with different risk and return profiles that meet a range of investor needs. Find out more about VinaCapital here.

Above are 6 standard principles you should use as reference before starting your own investment. Hopefully you can be able to use this to build an effective investment process for yourself. You can find out more about the open-end fund managed by VinaCapital and can be joined via your Timo app here.


The need of generating a profit from saving money is always on demand. Therefore, in addition to traditional investment options such as real estate, gold trading, foreign currency, investing in an open-end fund is also favored by many potential and existing investors. In the list of all available solutions in an open-end fund as well as fund management companies, VinaWealth Enhanced Fixed Income Fund (VFF) managed by VinaCapital is one of the most outstanding investment solutions chosen by a large number of investors.

So why should you invest in VFF and how to invest with VFF in the Timo app? Find out the answers in the article below.

What is VinaWealth Enhanced Fixed Income Fund (VFF)?

First of all, an open-end fund is the type of fund where several investors with the same goal contribute to. It does not have a definite term and investors may join or leave the fund any time. As this is an indirect investment solution, you will receive fund certificates instead of stocks. The fund would be managed by a professional fund management company and used to invest in either stocks or bonds.

Bonds are a popular type of securities in both Vietnam and international markets. Investing in bonds mean the investors are lending money to either the government or a business. Stability and safety are the main benefits of bonds compared to other types of investments.

VFF is a bond open-ended fund with the objective of generating stable, low risk returns in the medium term (1-3 years). Per regulations, VFF must invest at least 80% of the fund’s assets into fixed-income instruments, including government bonds, government-guaranteed bonds, municipal bonds, corporate bonds, valuable papers, and bank deposits. The fund may invest up to 15% of assets into listed equity. VFF’s performance benchmark is the average 3-month deposit rate of Vietnam’s 4 state-owned banks (Vietcombank, Vietinbank, BIDV, Agribank).

Regarding operational objectives, VFF aims to maximize investment returns, including interest and growth of the investment. Through dynamic management, VFF will create an investment portfolio with low risks and ensure bonds with good prices are purchased and sold at a suitable period of time.

Find out more VFF here.

Why should you invest in VFF?

VFF is an appropriate investment solution for young investors who are planning to generate profit for themselves or their families. It is also a suitable investment solution for middle-aged investors who are looking for a stable and safe source of income for their retirement plans. In addition, VFF is also suitable for the purpose of diversifying investment risks.

Since its establishment in April 2013, VFF has achieved an average growth rate of 8.97%/year compared to the average interest rate of 12-month term deposit’s interest rate in the same period of time being 6.5%/year.

How to invest in VFF in the Timo app?

Every Timo account holder can open an investment account with VFF in the Timo app with only 2.000.000 VND. You can invest and settle your account via an online account management system (MIO) anytime, anywhere. The last trading day (T) for the investment to be transferred into the VinaCapital account is every Tuesday. 10:30 am on T-1 day (T minus 1) is the closing time of the trading session. The amount of money invested on T day will be updated in your account on T+2 day (T plus 2 working days).

To open an investment account with VFF in the Timo app, follow the below 3 steps:

  1. Under the Wealth Tab, Select “Investments”
  2. Choose VFF and select Open Account & Invest.
  3. VinaCapital will send you an email confirming your account setup and investment amount
  4. You can contribute more money from your Timo account to your VinaCapital investment account

Hopefully the above article will help you to find a suitable investment channel to effectively generate income from your savings. If you are not confident with starting an investment yet, you can always start with opening a term deposit to increase your savings. You can also find out more about Timo’s Term Deposit and its attractive interest rates here.

The beginning of the year is the time when new plans and goals are set. Have you thought about investing your savings to generate a profit? If yes, we hope that the following tips and advice from us will help you choose a suitable financial investment option for yourself.  

Before deciding on any investment option, there are two elements that you need to clarify and take into consideration:

1/ Personal investment is not about using less of your monthly income. Instead, let your savings do the work for you by generating profit with a suitable investment option.

2/ After choosing a suitable investment option, you need a specific and detailed plan to make sure that you will not lost to daily temptations. Your goal and plan also needs to be in line with your current and future financial situations. For example, if you are a fresh graduate who just had your first job, your goal should be paying for a certain course to enhance your skills or buy a laptop/motorbike to support your productivity. If you have had a stable job for 3-5 years, your goal should be saving money to buy a house or invest in stock.

To choose the right personal investment option for yourself, you need to be aware of every effective personal investment method in the market. Below are some of the most well-known personal investment methods in Vietnam.

Ownership investments

Ownership investments often include: securities investment, start-up business, real estate. This type of investment is highly profitable but contains a fair amount of risks.

  • Securities investment is a form of investment done through buying listed securities/stocks of an enterprise in order to hold it for investment purposes. This form of investment can be used by anyone as it does not require a large amount of investment and the process of buying/selling stocks is easy and flexible. The main benefit of investing in securities is the possibility of maximizing your returned interest if your investment is used at the right time.
  • Investment in real estate has become a common investment vehicle and can be done through renting apartments to third parties, buying/selling houses or land. Investment in real estate requires a large amount of stable capital to ensure access to financing.
  • Start a business: this is one of the most difficult forms of investment as it does not only require a large amount of investment capital but also depends on many factors to maintain an exponential development so that the ability of break even and generating high profit is likely.

Open a savings account to earn interest

This investment vehicle allows you to earn profit through interest. A term deposit account is one of the most effective saving methods as term deposits can only be withdrawn after a certain period of time as agreed upon locking your money. If you have a Timo account, do not forget that Timo is currently one of the leading banks that allow our customers to open term deposits right on their couch with attractive rates and flexible rates. Additionally, to help customers maximize their interest earning, Timo app also offers customers the option to split their term deposit into smaller amounts so that they would only have to withdraw from one of them when needed.

Investment in open-end funds

An open-end fund is a type of mutual fund that is contributed by many investors with the same goal and does not have restrictions on the amount of shares the fund can issue. The concept of “open-end” relates to the amount of time and the number of investors participating in the investment. The fund is normally managed by a professional fund management company and it is usually used to invest in stocks and/or bonds.

An Open-end fund is a type of indirect investment. While investing in companies generates stock, investing in open-end funds generates fund certificates to investors. This type of investment is suitable for a large number of investors who do not have a lot of prior knowledge or expertise in this field.

Trustworthy open-end funds in Vietnam, at the moment, include: Equity Opportunity Fund (VEOF), Enhanced Fixed Income Fund (VFF) and Vietnam Equity Special Access Fund (VESAF). VinaCapital is the investment management company that offers all these three products. Your potential benefits of investing in an open-end fund include: high long-term returns, flexible liquidity and risk reduction through diversification.

The above suggestions are potential personal investment options that you can try out in 2019. Although it may be tricky to predict which investment vehicle will bring you the largest amount of profit, however, to effectively own a financial investment, you need to have a clear goal and pick a suitable investment vehicle for yourself beforehand. Investing in securities and real estate will be highly profitable if you have a large amount of idle savings. If you prefer safety and only want to earn some extra income, opening a savings account or investing in an open-end fund will be suitable for you. Additionally, keep yourself updated with the latest information in the financial sector by reputable sites such as,, etc.