Make your life event a reality with Goal Save!

Save money in dedicated accounts and watch them grow

Tam plans to propose to his beloved of 2 years. He selected the monthly automatic contributions setting and watched his Goal grow every month exactly on schedule for his proposal date!

See How Goal Save Works

Timo Goal Save helps you plan for your small and big plans in life. Create up to 10 goals and you can also automate regular payments to them so you can make sure you reach your goal exactly as you planned!


With Timo Goal Save you have a secure piggy bank to stash your money in.

Timo Goal Save allows you to create unlimited goals as mini-accounts. Set up the target amount and date you want to complete your goal and Timo will calculate how much you need to put away to achieve it. You have the option of automating contributions from Spend Account and forget about it. You are free to withdraw it back to spend account any time without penalty. On top of that, you receive 1% per annum paid out monthly!

“I love Timo Goal Save. I actually put all my money in there and just move it back to Spend Account when I need to use it! Super convenient!”

Kikki Le - Model

Timo Goal Save isthe most powerful savings tool

Set up multiple goals

Set up one or more goals. Give them a picture and start contributing to them!

Automate contributions

Set up automatic daily, weekly, or monthly contributions from your spend account for super easy savings!

1% interest per year paid monthly

Don't know what to do with your money? Put it into Piggy Bank to enjoy 1% interest per annum, paid monthly - same as all your goals!


Timo Goal Save is like a regular bank account.
But way better.


Timo Term Deposits is mobile financial management done right

Timo offers competitive rates on Timo TD’s that can be created and managed easily on the go! Timo TD’s are also intelligent and help you maximize your savings!

Timo MasterCard: Now travel with peace of mind!

0% Foreign Exchange fee means you can travel for free for 45 days! All transactions billed overseas are FX fee free so save up to 3% on each transaction plus 45 days interest free!* *3% fee is based on market average for credit cards in Vietnam.