Enjoy life with innovative features designed by Timo

Money transfers simplified

  • To bank account
  • To phone number

Sending money within Vietnam just got easier

At Timo, we care about getting the basics right and know that interbank transfers are one of these features. That’s why we make it super easy. You can move money in a few taps right from your main dashboard.

How to move money to a bank account?

Tap  button on the main dashboard.

Choose an existing payee or add a New Payee.

Select Bank Account then Enter the bank name & account number.

Enter the amount and description then tap Move Money.

Send a payment to anyone via a phone number​

Have you ever needed to move money to someone but did not know their bank account details? With Timo, this is not a problem. You just need to know their phone number and by following some simple in-app instructions, you can send money to anyone in Vietnam.

How to move money to a phone number?

Tap button on the main dashboard then tap Phone number.

Choose the existing phone number or New phone number then follow the instructions.

Enter the amount, tap Move Money and enter the OTP to finish.

Provide the receiver with the payment link and password (if any) to receive the payment.

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Top-up in a snap. Right in the app.

Why you'll love this?

Top-up is another basic feature available on most banking apps. But we’re confident that your experience with Timo’s top-up feature will be super fast as you don’t even have to log-in to top-up your phone credit. It’s also fee-free. 

How to top-up?

Swipe up on the Quick action tray at the Login screen then choose Top-up, or

Click (•••) button at the bottom of the main dashboard then tap Top up.

Choose New number or Import number to top-up phone credit for someone else.

Select the amount you want and confirm.

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Never miss a Bill Payment

Late bill payments? Not anymore.

Bill pay is an online service that lets you pay your utility bills right from the Timo app with no extra cost and without even leaving your couch or chair. It takes a few steps to set up your online bill payment, but once it’s set, you don’t have to worry about missing your payments.

How does the Bill Pay feature work?

Swipe up on the Quick action tray at the Login screen then choose Bill Pay, or

Tap on the Bill Pay section on the main dashboard.

Select the (+) icon at the bottom right corner to add a new bill.

Or fetch an existing bill and pay as needed.

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Settling up expenses in a fun way

What is Payment Request?

Do you find yourself paying the bill for coffee or drinks with friends and forgetting to remind them to pay you back? Our Payment request feature was built for the very purpose of sending reminders to friends or colleagues to split a payment of any kind. This feature is only available for Timo members.

How to send a payment request?

Tap the Payment Request section on the main dashboard.

Choose Outstanding payment requests if you need to pay back your friends, or

Click (+) button to create a New payment request.

Select the receiver, enter an amount with a description and send a reminder to collect your payment.

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Find and share bank account information details easily

Why you'll love this?

You make transactions regularly right? Surely knowing where to find your bank account details can help when people ask? Timo let’s you access and share your bank account details from the Share bank details feature. It’s fast, simple and you don’t have to memorize anything.

How to share your bank details?

Tap the () menu and under settings select My bank details.

Your bank details include information required to receive transfers in Vietnam and overseas.

Choose Share to send this bank information to your friends via the channel of your choice including social apps.

If your friends are also Timo members, you can just get them to scan your QR code.

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Add as many Payees as you want easily

Why you'll love this?

The advantage of creating a payee is to save time and effort manually entering the bank details every time a payment is to be made. Once a payee is created, funds can be transferred by selecting the Payee name. Details of the selected payees are auto-populated on the transaction screen. You just need to enter the amount you wish to send and move money in a jiffy!

How to add Payee?

Tap the Group icon on the main dashboard then choose Add New Payee.

If the new payee is a Timo member, you can easily add them by scanning their QR code or entering their phone number/email/Timo account or Timo Debit card.

If the new payee is a non-Timo member, you can add them by entering their bank account details or their Debit card.

Tap Confirm to complete adding a new payee.

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Safeguard your card right in the Timo app​

Because we take security seriously

When your Timo Debit card or Credit card isn’t where it should be, relax. Just lock it. When you find your misplaced card, unlock it – instantly and easily within the Timo app. You can also lock your card in a few seconds if you suspect fraud to stop anyone from making unauthorized purchases by swiping your card.

How to lock/unlock your card?

Swipe up the Quick action tray at the Login screen.

Turn off the Toggle button if you want to lock your card immediately.

If you want to unlock your card, you have to turn on toggle button and enter OTP.

Or go to Manage Cards under the () menu then choose to lock or unlock your card.