To investigate a transaction, please bring your Valid ID/ Passport and Valid Visa/Residence Card (for Foreigners only) to the Hangout for further support. Once your request is registered, it can take up to 60 days for it to be processed.

In case you would like to spend more than your authorized limit, you’ll have to move money to your credit card before you make a payment.
However, if your Visa Credit card balance exceeds over 5% of your authorized limit, there will be a fee of 100,000 VND/time for exceeding the limit.

Here are the different ways you can re-pay your Visa Credit card’s outstanding balance:
– Automatic Debit function: This is linked to your Spend account and on the due date, automatically debits your Spend account. You can choose an automatic payment of the minimum amount of 5% of the total outstanding balance OR you can choose to pay 100% of outstanding balance. This has to be set when you apply for your Visa Credit card or anytime later by visiting the Hangout.
– Manual Payments: You can pay manually by a simple tapping on Visa Credit card on your app dashboard.
– Bank Transfer: Transfer from another bank directly to your Spend Account
– Viet Capital Bank Branches: Deposit cash at Viet Capital Bank branches
– Via Payoo: Payment by cash or debit card at any store accepting Payoo system
– Other payment methods as per Viet Capital Bank current regulations

The exchange rate from foreign currency to Vietnam Dong is updated daily according to the Viet Capital Bank exchange rate. In addition, you will be charged 3% of each transaction made in foreign currency (this fee is exclusive of VAT).

You can check your transaction list by logging into the Timo app and tapping on Timo Visa Credit card. Your monthly Timo Visa Credit card statement will be sent to your registered email with your transaction history, fees (if any), outstanding balance, minimum payment and due date on or around the 20th of every month. In case you do not receive the statement within 10 days from the billing date, please contact Timo Care via our hotline 1800 6783 or email to for further support.

You can use 100% of your card limit to make payments for goods and services.
For Cash withdrawal at an ATM, you will be able to withdraw 50% of your credit limit.

  1. Age: 18 – 67 years old
  2. Vietnamese Nationals & Expatriates legally working and living in Vietnam
  3. Required documents for Vietnamese nationals and Foreigners differ based on the method of application.

For the full list of documents required, please check them here.

With a Timo Visa Credit card, you can:

  • Get high credit limits of up to 500 million dong
  • Enjoy withdrawing at Timo or Viet Capital Bank ATMs without a transaction fee
  • Lock or unlock your card in-app whenever you want
  • Enjoy up to 55 days of spending with no interest
  • Get instant notifications for every transaction via the app and email
  • Use worldwide for withdrawals and payments, both at stores and online

Please see full details of interest rates and fees applicable for a Timo Visa Credit Card here.

With a Timo Visa Credit card, the billing cycle is 30 days on average and the payment cycle is 25 days.
All expenses incurred within the 30-day billing cycle will need to be paid back with the 25 days after the statement date. To be more specific, Timo Visa Credit card’s billing cycle is from the 21st of the previous month to the 20th of the current month. The statement is issued on the 21st of the current month and the payment must be made within 25 days from the statement date.