When your card is locked, you will no longer be able to use it for any transaction, either at a POS machine, online or at an ATM. You will need to unlock your card before you can use it again. Remember to check your card status when you need to use it.

Of course you can. Tap on either Bill Pay or Top Up in the Quick Actions tray and you will be able to top up another phone number or pay a new bill once you had entered the details.

  1. Tap on the avatar of the Timo user you would like to send your Payment Request to (this feature is not yet available to non-Timo users).
  2. Enter the equivalent amount of money, then tap on Payment Request to send your Payment Request.
  3. Done! You shall see the notifìcation letting you know that your payment request is successful on the top of your screen.

Note: if the Timo user you would like to send your Payment Request is not in your top 20 payees, it will not be shown on the Quick Actions tray. Just go through regular path Payments tap / Payment request / tap on the Plus floating button on the bottom right of the screen

This is because we display your top 20 payees in the Quick Actions tray, based on those to whom you have moved money to the most. At the end of the list, you can still tap on “View all payees” which will bring you in a regular Move Money flow at the Payee List step.