Liberty TravelCare will give you and your family comprehensive protection against such risks as:

​​​- Overseas and local medical treatment expenses for illnesses and accidental bodily injuries
– Overseas compassionate visit
– Trip cancellation or postponement
– Loss of or damage to baggage or personal effects
– Loss of money or travel documents
​- Loss of or damage to the household contents in Vietnam residence due to fire

You can only buy insurance for a member of your family or a friend, in the event that you are also an insurance policy holder and accompanying them on the trip.

Currently, Liberty Travel Insurance must be purchased by a Timo member who is one of the travelers, this means that Travel Insurance can only be purchased for 1 of your parents

Yes, you can get a refund when you cancel your insurance, but there will be fees charged. Please contact Liberty’s hotline 1800 599 998 for more information

This applies to travel overseas only, hence offers coverage in most countries around the world, except for domestic travel. For domestic travel, you can buy Sun Life personal accident product (also available for in-app purchase in Timo)