A Money Pot is a way for you to actively manage your spending. After creating the Money Pot, you can set up the time and the amount to be accumulated into the pot by day/week/month.

Currently, Timo can be linked with e-wallets such as MoMo, ShopeePay, ZaloPay,…

You can link your Timo card with e-wallets by following these steps:

  • Choose the form of linking account number/card number.
  • Select Viet Capital Bank (select Timo bank if you link the account in MoMo app).
  • Enter the card number, cardholder name, ID card/Passport,… as required by the e-wallet (this information needs to match with the information issued on your Timo card)

To ensure account safety, please note that you do not provide security information such as transaction authentication OTP codes, login information and payment passwords of e-wallets, etc.

In this case, please contact 1800 6788 or send information to email care@timo.vn for further support.

Please note that: You should always be wary of people claiming to be bank employees and asking you for your card number, login information and OTP code.

Payment Request is a smart feature that allows customers to manage payments better. These amounts are divided into “Outstanding” (payment hasn’t been completed) and “Completed” (payment has been completed). The Payment Request is an exclusive feature among Timo members, only sent to Timo users.

Split Bill helps you settle shared payments with friends and improves your ability to manage your personal spending. You can use it for both Timo and non-Timo users through the phone number saved in the phonebook.

Help you manage your spending through intuitive graphs and you can manage the money coming out of your total spending each month.