This is an overdraft product from Timo. You do not have to pay any fee for registration. The application will be reviewed in 30 minutes. The Fast Cash limit is very attractive from 10-100 million VND and freely adjusting by yourself.  No need for loan procedure or proof of income.

The term is 1 year from the date Fast Cash is activated.

Through the Timo App, under Wealth Products, apply for the feature to find out if you meet the conditions and the approved limit.

The interest rate is set by VP Bank and can change based on the time of registration. Overdraft interest is calculated daily, automatically by the system and recorded on the day of making the monthly overdraft. This information will be sent to your email each time you apply for Fast Cash.

The money in Fast Cash will be activated when your Spend Account reaches zero. You will be able to see the limit available for use there. This money can be used to pay bills online, transfer money, pay your MasterCard and can be used regularly at all POS terminals. It cannot be withdrawn from ATMs however as per regulations.