How to pay Timo Mastercard’s outstanding balance?

You can pay the outstanding balance on for your Timo Mastercard outstanding balance with in one of the following ways:

– Make a direct payment in the Timo app

– Deposit cash at any VPBank branch or VPBank CDM machines

– Transfer from another bank directly to your Timo Mastercard

– Register for the recurring payment function with your Timo Spend account so that, at the due date, the outstanding balance will be made automatically from your Spend account. With the automatic payment function, users are allowed to select if they want to pay 5% or 100% of the monthly outstanding balance. This has can to be set when you apply for your Mastercard or anytime later on when you visit any Timo Hangout.

– You can pay manually with by a simple swipe on Timo Mastercard on your app dashboard home screen.