How to re-pay Timo Visa Credit card’s outstanding balance?

Here are the different ways you can re-pay your Visa Credit card’s outstanding balance:
– Automatic Debit function: This is linked to your Spend account and on the due date, automatically debits your Spend account. You can choose an automatic payment of the minimum amount of 5% of the total outstanding balance OR you can choose to pay 100% of outstanding balance. This has to be set when you apply for your Visa Credit card or anytime later by visiting the Hangout.
– Manual Payments: You can pay manually by a simple tapping on Visa Credit card on your app dashboard.
– Bank Transfer: Transfer from another bank directly to your Spend Account
– Viet Capital Bank Branches: Deposit cash at Viet Capital Bank branches
– Via Payoo: Payment by cash or debit card at any store accepting Payoo system
– Other payment methods as per Viet Capital Bank current regulations