How can I cancel a transaction after my VinaCapital account has been created and my funds have been contributed? How long would it take for the money to be refunded to my account?

If your transaction is made before 10:30 AM on T-1 day, please follow the steps below in order to cancel your transaction:

  • Step 1: Log in to your MiO account via
  • Step 2: Click on Transaction History, then click on Processing
  • Step 3: Click on the small arrow (“>”) below your Subscription Order, then click on Cancel to complete your transaction cancellation.

If your transaction is made after 10:30 AM on T-1 day, please contact the phone number provided in the email sent to you by VinaCapital or VinaCapital Hotline. You would need to fill in either or both of these forms, (i) refund request form and (ii) order cancelling request form, and send them to VinaCapital.

If your request is valid, your investment will be refunded on T+2 day or 1 (one) day after the Trade Date.