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About Timo

What is Timo?
  • Timo is Vietnam’s first truly digital bank! Timo has no branches, but we do have a Hangout where you can come and open an account or meet with a Timo Care Representative (or just come for a coffee).
  • After signing up online and completing the Join process, you will have a debit card that works at any Smartlink/Banknet ATM domestically.
  • The true beauty of Timo is in the great features we have in our web and mobile banking that take traditional banking to the next level. Right off the bat you get three accounts: Spend account for daily usage, Goal Save for planning for the future (with 1% interest!), and Term Deposit. All of these you can use to manage your money anywhere and anytime!
What does Timo stand for?

Timo stands for Time + Money. Both are very important to each of us but when it comes to banking, it seems like it is not moving at the speed of your life. At Timo, our burning desire is to save you time spent banking so you can live more! It is time your bank helps with your money at your time and place of choosing!

What is a TCR?

TCR stands for Timo Care Representative. Our TCR’s are charged with giving you exceptional servicing when opening your account with us, or when you just need their help with anything related to Timo.

What are the benefits of using Timo?
  • No ATM fees in the Smartlink/Banknet network (over 15,700 ATM’s nationwide)
  • No transfer fees to send or receive
  • Free cash deposits at Timo Hangout and VPBank
  • Free cash withdrawals up to 20,000,000 VND per transaction at Timo Hangout
  • Free cash withdrawals at VPBank
  • Free lock and unlock card from within the app
  • Free disputes for card transactions and investigations into card activities
  • Free lock and unlock account
  • 1% interest per annum on all goals in Goal Save
  • In app management of Term Deposits with competitive rates
Does Timo integrate with any financial app or PayPal?

Yes. Since your Timo bank account is held with VPBank it can be used with PayPal, or any other financial app that connects to a domestic bank account

Who can use Timo?

Anyone over the age of 18, have never used services of Vpbank and FECredit and has a valid ID or visitor passport, visa.

What is Timo Hangout?

Timo Hangout is our concept for the way banking should be. We have combined a café with our servicing and you can visit us during operating hours to either just hangout with friends or to talk to a TCR. Come check it out yourself, our address is: 194D – 194E Pasteur, Ward 6, District 3, HCMC.

Becoming a Timo Member

How do I join Timo/open a Timo account

You can sign up for early access at Timo Digital Bank.

We’ll send you an invitation to join online as soon as we reach you in the registration list. Once you’ve completed the online Join process, Timo will contact you to complete the account opening.

Does Timo offer a joint account?

No we do not offer this at this time.

What kind of mobile device do I need to use Timo?

Timo will work on Android 4.0 and up, as well as, Apple devices 4.0 and up.

If Timo is a digital bank, why do I need to make an appointment with Timo staff to open account?

While we would like to have a fully digital account opening process, current State Bank of Vietnam regulations require us to have a face to face meeting with our members to complete the account opening process.


How can I add money to my Timo account

You can add money to Timo three ways:

  1. Depositing cash into your account at our Cash Deposit Machine at the Timo Hangout
  2. Bank transfer from another bank (select VPBank and Ho Chi Minh branch)
  3. Deposit cash at any VPBank branch in HCM
How do I withdraw money?

You can withdraw four ways:

  1. Withdraw from any Smartlink/Banknet ATM
  2. Withdrawing cash from your account at our Cash Deposit Machine at the Timo Hangout
  3. Bank transfer to another bank
  4. Withdraw cash at any VPBank branch in HCM
Can I deposit foreign currency?

Yes and no. You can deposit foreign currency by using a VPBank branch or bank transfer into your Timo account but it will be converted to Vietnam Dong. You cannot open a foreign currency account with Timo at this time.

How much is your deposit/withdrawal limit?
  1. Timo Cash Deposit Machine
    • Withdraw limit: 20,000,000 VND per transaction
    • Deposit limit: 100,000,000 VND per transaction
  2. VPBank ATM
    • Withdrawal limit: 20,000,000 VND per transaction
  3. Smartlink/Banknet ATM:
    • Withdrawal limit: 2,000,000 – 3,000,000  VND per transaction
  4. VPBank teller
    • Withdrawal limit: none
    • Deposit limit: none

Timo Features

What is Timo Spend Account

Timo Spend account is your normal daily spending account. Your debit card is issued to this account. With this account you can: pay bills, move money, top up your phone, and view your transaction list

What is Timo Move Money

Move Money is the traditional bank transfer. We’ve combined it with Paying a Bill and renamed it. Moving money with Timo is a simple swipe to the left on Spend Account. This works for both Transfer to a payee and Pay a bill. Payees and billers are combined in the same Payee list so moving money is simple and intuitive. Save payees during a transfer and have them accessible with a swipe next time.

What is Bill Pay?

Need to pay your bills? You can pay your mobile phone, internet, and electricity from your payee list. The process is exactly the same as Moving Money to a friend! Why should it be any different?

What is Top Up?

Top Up is our super simple and easy Mobile Phone credit top-up. From your Spend Account you can top up your own phone or anyone in your address book (this is only available in the mobile app).

What is Timo Goal Save? Is it a savings account? What is the difference between Goal Save and regular savings account?

Timo Goal Save is a tool to help you plan for a goal a Everyone has goals in life. Timo Goal Save will help you get there faster. It’s so easy to set up and you get 1% interest per year too! Perfect for those that always need to have some money sitting around!

What is Timo Term Deposit

Timo Term Deposit is our intelligent re-imagining of what Term Deposit should be. You can easily see and create TD’s on the go with competitive rates. We also have incorporated Timo Intelligence to give you recommendations along the way.


Are there any fees to use Timo?

Timo has no fees on ATM and transfers, as well as no fees for cash withdrawal and deposits at VPBank. However, we do have a few fees you may face occasionally:

  • 50,000 VND per card/PIN reissuance
  • 30,000 VND per account balance confirmation
  • 30,000 VND per account dispute for local remittance

There are some external fees to VPBank in cases below:

  • 0.02% Cash deposit/withdrawal fee at VPBank outside Ho Chi Minh. (min 10,000 VND; max 1,000,000 VND)
  • 0.03% Cash transfer/withdrawal fee for over 1 billion at VPBank if within 2 working days since cash deposit. (min 10,000 VND; max 1,000,000 VND)
  • 0.01% cash withdrawal fee over 1 billion at VPBank if withdrawn in same day as receiving (min 10,000 VND)
  • 50,000 VND per card/PIN reissuance
  • 30,000 VND per account balance confirmation
  • 30,000 VND per account dispute for local remittance
  • 22,000 VND for Account closure (at branches)

Notes: VAT excluded from the fees

How do you make money if you don’t charge any fees?

Our business is your success. If you use Timo and find a money saving and financial growth solution for yourself then we will succeed too!


Where are your ATMs located?

Our ATMS are located in both Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi as follows:

HCM – 3 ATMs located at 194D – 194E Pasteur, Ward 9, District 3, HCMC.

Ha Noi – 1 ATMs located at 17 Ngo Quyen, Trang Tien, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi

This is because we have no ATM withdrawal fees across the Smartlink/Banknet network, so you can use any ATM domestically Fee Free!


Is Timo secure? What is your security policy?

Yes Timo adheres to strict security controls. Please refer to Security clauses in each section under our Timo Member Agreement for more details.

Does Timo offer insurance for my deposits?

Yes. All Timo deposits are held by VPBank, who is strictly regulated and covered under Vietnam’s Government deposit insurance law and policies. More details (Vietnamese only) can be found here.

Where can I find more information on your policies?

In case of any issue or emergency

Who should I contact when any issues happen?

If you ever have any issues, email care@timo.vn or call us at 1800 6788.


Will you offer other products or services (credit cards, brokerage accounts, mortgages, or loans?)
Will you offer small business account service?

Not yet. But you can manage your small business with a Timo account!

Is Timo expanding to other countries beyond Vietnam?

This is our secret!

Does Timo support providing Credit Card to customers who already have this product from other banks??

Timo will provide Timo MasterCard to our members who are owning unsecured Credit Card with Gold grade or above or credit limit from 50mio VND of following banks: HSBC, ANZ, Citibank, SCB, Vietcombank, Techcombank, ACB, Sacombank, BIDV, Vietinbank.
*Not owning more than 03 unsecured credit cards of above banks.
**Total outstanding balance in last 03 months not exceeds 50% total limit of all credit cards that customer is owning.
***At least 01 eligible Credit Card of above bank has opened for 06 months at the time customer registers for Timo MasterCard

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