On 23rd February 2022, 115 Vietnam-based enterprises were recognized by HR Asia – Asia’s leading human resources magazine, as “Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2021”, Timo Digital Bank included.

2021 was a challenging year not only for Timo but also for a lot of enterprises across many fields. HR Asia take pride in recognizing companies that have demonstrated world-class employee engagement from Vietnam. Many have managed to show great efforts in prioritizing employee experience while navigating through the uncertainty amid the pandemic. As the lockdown movement continues to disrupt business operations globally, companies based in Vietnam understand the importance of keeping employees engaged and motivated to achieve sustainable results.

Regarding the recent award by HR Asia, Henry Nguyen – CEO of Timo Digital Bank shared: “One thing about being a start-up is that it is not easy. We embraced a lot of challenges along the way, especially with the pandemic that hit last year. Having the right team is the most valuable – asset that anyone can ask for. The success in 2021 cannot be done without Timo’s team. Not only did they help Timo to accomplish many achievements in 2021 but also help us setting even more benchmarks for the modern banking industry.

Henry Nguyen – CEO of Timo Digital Bank

I would like to take this opportunity to send my appreciation to all Timonians that chose to stay with the company during such difficult period, being united and maintaining the commitment, constantly devoting themselves to the mission of setting the benchmarks for modern digital banking in Vietnam and beyond. This award today will be marking another important milestone in Timo’s growth. The trophy has reaffirmed that we’re on the right track and empower us to invest in building internal culture, fostering, and developing young talents.”

Despite all the hardships, the pandemic was still an important catalyst for digitalisation, especially in the finance-banking sector. As the pioneer and leading digital bank in Vietnam, Timo Digital Bank has shown its agility in rebranding by focusing on leveraging technology, upgrading its core banking system, and expanding its ecosystem for sustainable development in which human resources will be playing a vital role in the success of the whole enterprise.

Established in 2015, Timo was the first digital bank in Vietnam, with a long-term goal to be the one who set the benchmark for the modern banking industry, in Vietnam and beyond. This begins with small shifts in mindset, thinking about connecting people instead of just bank accounts. And this extends all the way to big questions like how banking in general and Timo specifically can be a contributor to a prosperous and harmonious society. In the next 5-10 years, Timo believes that the Finance-Banking sector will be led by these young talents that are currently being fostered and trained by Timo. From aspiring young employees with experienced leaders, who specialize in all fields, Timo empowers every individual in their team to promote an innovative and sustainable internal culture.

In order to best support Timo’s staff to overcome challenges and achieve the goals together, Timo ensures all employees have the best physical and mental health through offering sufficient compensation policy, good benefits and many bonding activities. The solidarity of Timonians creates a comprehensive and united team, in which individuals’ growth will align with the company’s vision. Timo is building a workplace where employees can consider it to be their second home – an open, united, and supportive office with equal and transparent opportunities.

Our most important mission is to offer comfort and satisfaction to customers. We strongly believe that the only way to meet that goal is to offer positive services and products which can only be provided by our happy employees.

The constant efforts from Timo’s team have helped the company overcome multiple challenges and achieve many prestigious awards such as “Best Customer-Centric Digital Bank in Vietnam” recognized by Global Brands Magazine, named as “Fastest Growing Digital Bank in Vietnam” voted by The Global Economics for 2 consecutive years, top 50 FDI Enterprises in Vietnam 2021 in the category of “Leading Digital Banking Platform in Vietnam” by Golden Dragon Award ceremony. Timo’s $20M fresh funding led by Square Peg was another shining example. These achievements have marked digitalisation maturity and proved the success of enhancing the banking sector in Vietnam.