Refer to our guide below to make sure you use it correctly and full enjoy all of the benefits that come with your Timo MasterCard.

Basic information about your Timo MasterCard

Upon receiving your Timo MasterCard, check for the below information. Every Timo MasterCard should have these details included as described below.

The front of Timo MasterCard

  • The cardholder’s full name will be capitalised and presented with no accents
  • Card number including an array of 16 digits embossed on the card
  • Logo of MasterCard at the bottom right of the card. This helps to indicate that your Timo MasterCard is accepted worldwide for payments.
  • Secured chip with state-of-the-art information security and transactional technology

The back of Timo MasterCard

  • Contact information and Timo’s hotline
  • CVV code to be used for online transactions
  • Logo of NAPAS: Timo MasterCard can be used to withdraw money at ATM machines with the same logo of NAPAS

Important notes about your Timo MasterCard

To use your Timo MasterCard correctly and achieve your expected results, Timo MasterCard holders should comply with the regulations set by Timo. These regulations are fully disclosed under the Terms & Conditions for use of Timo MasterCard. Service fees and tariff are clearly publicized by Timo. You can find more information about Timo MasterCard on our website, by calling our Call Centre on 1800  6788 or by visiting any Timo Hangout.

  • For direct payments: Timo MasterCard holders only need to hand over their Timo MasterCard to settle their payment for the bill. Before settling the payment, you need to check all the information provided on the invoice/receipt, including the payment amount provided on the invoice, before handing over your card. After the payment has been made with your card, you will be asked to sign a payment confirmation and there will be a crosscheck between the signature provided on the payment confirmation and the signature on the back of the card as part of the credit card verification. You will then be given back your Timo MasterCard with a copy of the payment confirmation.
  • For online payments: Timo MasterCard holders can use their card to shop on any e-commerce/shopping website, such as: Amazon, Lazada, eBay, etc., accepting MasterCard as one of their payment methods. To settle your payment, you need to enter your card details as requested by the involved site, including the CVV code provided on the back of the card. Please note that, in contrast with Timo Debit Card or any other local ATM/Debit Card, your payment is completed and settled once you have input your CVV code and your card details are confirmed.
  • Cash withdrawal: You can use your Timo MasterCard to withdraw money at any ATM machine with the same logo of MasterCard. To withdraw money, you need to type in your PIN and follow the required instructions provided on the ATM machine screen. Before withdrawing cash, make sure to consider the credit limit of your Timo MasterCard and the fee for withdrawing from a MasterCard.
  • Installment Scheme: Timo has introduced an easy to apply installment scheme that lets you buy whatever you want today, without worrying about the bill! Whether you want the latest gadgets or that new wardrobe or even to refurbish your new home; buy now and pay over 12 months. Any transaction over 3,000,000 VND can be quickly converted to installments for 3, 6 or 12 months with a low 1% interest rate payable monthly right in the Timo app.

We hope that this article will help you to use your MasterCard better. This can be extremely  helpful when travelling, shopping or settling other payments required for your daily activities.
If you are thinking about signing up for a Timo MasterCard, click here to find out more information and apply.